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On SBS Dateline: Christopher Boyce blows whistle on CIA corruption of Australian democracy, Labor Party & trade union movement

Update, 19 Feb 2014: You can watch the program on-line here. Apologies for this late notice, but after serving his prison sentence of 24 years for spying on the United States Government, Christopher Boyce will reveal all in a program to be broadcast tonight at 9.30 tonight on Dateline on the free-to-air SBS One television station.

Watch on-line at following link:

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What Christopher Boyce had to say about the removal of Whitlam and CIA infiltration of the Australian Union Movement at the time of Bob Hawke was surprising to hear, but not surprising. A remarkably well-chosen subject by Mark Davis, who filmed and interviewed Boyce. After Boyce there was an interview with Snowden, by Hubert Seipel (Snowden Speaks at, which was a fantastic continuation. Christopher Boyce said, several times, that he was astounded at how Australians did not seem to want to stand up for themselves. We have recently had many comments about why 'Babyboomers' have let our country be overpopulated and peoples' rights be so diminished. My argument has been that our system disorganises citizens, geographically and through wedge politics. I would also like to draw peoples' attention, again, to the mysteriously important role of the Multicultural Foundation of Australia, which has connections that seem to utterly surpass its apparent significance. This foundation was begun by Bob Hawke whom Christopher Boyce clearly believed to be one of the principle political figures who worked for the CIA to corrupt the Australian trade union. (Hawke declined the opportunity to refute Boyce's allegation in an interview.) Since then, nearly every past and present opposition leader and prime minister of Australia has become a member. The site tag for the MFA is here ( or

It goes back further than Whitlam. What about Harold Holt's murder by the same alphabet soup industry in 1967?

Who did he offend?

Well first he was about to make Australia energy independent through the construction of nuclear power stations. This was to begin the day after his assassination and it was dropped that same day(s) by the incoming Prime Minister John Gorton.

Secondly, he gave aboriginals the vote which went against the Greemasonic Grand Master of Australia wishes whom he said to a previous delegation of aboriginals to his office in Canberra as the reason for the delay in implementing this (at that time).

The incoming Whitlam government called the US ambasador in to enquire about the consequences of the Whitlam governments anti-US policies. The ambassdor was frank ... to a point. we have ways, a mixed bag of tricks, but did not elaborate too much further.

When it comes to political issues, I must say that compared to other nations, Australians are rather apathetic and not likely to stand up for themselves. I'm still not sure why, whether it is a holdover of the colonial mentality of obedience and serving a system, the relative comfort and decadence we've had, or the fact that Australian history has been rather placid, without any major struggles.

The more I think about it, the more I think it has to do with loss of autonomy. People responsible for their own fate and the fate of their descendants will more likely take responsibility for what happens, then people who feel that the fate of their descendants is in someone elses hands. I've always admired the pioneers of America's western frontier. They managed to build a free society, a functioning society out of very little. These people had thier own fate in their hands, no oversight from experts or government cajolence. They couldn't just sit back and let someone else solve their problems. They couldn't assume that someone else would do it.

Reminds me of this classic snippet from The Simpsons

Uh, Lisa, the whole reason we have elected officials is so we don't have to think all the time. Just like that rainforest scare a few years back: our officials saw there was a problem and they fixed it, didn't they?" –Homer Simpson Editor comment: Note that makes no statements preferring one ethnicity over another, so some of the content below does not speak for us. We do like to publish comments uncensored and permit all to have a voice, however. is " A website for reform in democracy, environment, population, land use planning and energy policy and the comment below fits several of these criteria and comes from a minor political party which offers an alternative at the ballot box.



Death to the way of life for all real Australians, including the descendants of Hellenic people in Australia.

People from Hellas, whose vision brought them to this
Southern Land, to take up the challenge to become “New Australians”, and through endeavour established a new life of family, and prosperity, now face a struggle to ensure this Australian heritage is passed on to descendants.

And whilst the hearts of some “New Australians” at times may reflect to Hellas, sons and daughters born to Australia’s soil reflect to Australia. This is their future and purpose.

But through multiculturalism, the promise of a future for such sons and daughters is threatened, as is the very survival of us all, and our Australian civilisation.


Multiculturalism is a primary tool for the Globalising Big Business caste of money changers, used to break down the community bond that makes an Australian - that being European derived and of our Native Soil, and to inflict their culturally deficient, low grade multiracial society, of no common heritage or values except consumerism and materialism.
Exponential growth economics, fed by swarm level population expansion, is what matters to globalisers, and traditional Australia must be torn apart to achieve this end.

The globalisers intent for Australia is the allocation of our resources to the Pacific Region economic zone, and our Native Land as a dump for the over breeding hordes of Asia, Africa, and the third world, all to suit their growth mania syndrome and want for $$$$$$. All and everything of our Australia is for sale, and the end result will be the swamping and demise of the Australian People.

For the oncoming generation of descendants this means not only reduced opportunity, and displacement, but eking out an existence in a country being reduced to third world standards.

Aussie youth’s Uni places sold to foreign bidders; real jobs lost in productive industry transferred to cheaper Asia; priced out of house purchasing due to overseas buyers; drugs and violent crime rampant; alien creeds, sleaze and all types of degeneracy; no sense of community; reappearance of contagious diseases; overpopulation chaos, environmental decline; corruption unlimited, etc.

This is inherent in the multiculturalists society, a far cry from vibrant traditional Australia, and that which Hellenic people settling here sought to be a part of.

In the fragmented multiculturalists system, wealth and power is secured for the benefit of money changing elites and their paid hirelings. Real Australians are of little consequence; only consumers in a future of serfdom, and replaceable by the next wave of cheap third world immigrant labour. And all administered by Quislings in the Liberal/Labor/Green parties.


All fairdinkum Australians, and including the post WWII European migration stream, have been betrayed by multiculturalist misfits who show utter contempt for our Australian traditions and heritage, and the aspirations of Hellenic and other European settlers. With no mandate, this traitor class are compliant in condemning our Aussie way of life, and all our Australian People to oblivion in their “Asian Century”.

Against this, Australia First unashamedly demands a High Culture in an “Australian Century” for our people.

The likes of Demetriou of the VFL prostituting our Australian football code with multiculturalism propaganda, and Papadopoulos, formerly of so called Ethnic Affairs, undermining the Australianism of Aussies of Hellenic origin, typify the paid mouthpieces of the multiculturalists camp, in their subverting of our Aussie culture and identity at every opportunity. Toads of this ilk have no place in Australia, and must be held accountable for their actions.

AUSTRALIA FIRST PARTY stands for a new order of society, cleaned of the money changers’ pox of multiculturalism - where Australia’s own culture and identity, the essential bond for all our European Peoples flourishes, and where responsibility, values, harmony, fiscal equity and social justice prevails. This order alone can provide for purpose and enjoyment of life, and will ensure the survival of our Australia.

In reclaimed Australia, the Orthodox Church, a bulwark of Christian Heritage and moral values, will be administratively fully Australianised, for the wider benefit of our Australian community.

Real Australians are called to join our Australian Peoples’ Movement - for if you don’t fight- you will surely lose!
National Contact Line 02 85870014
P O Box 223 Croydon 3136 PO Box 593 Rockdale 2216
PO Box 893 Rockhampton 4700 PO Box 129 Collie 6225 PO Box 101 Holden Hill 5088

Candobetter does not make statements preferring "preferring one ethnicity over another"? Surely this means that our planet is one world, a level-playing field where patriotism is seen as subversive and racist? There is a fine line between "racism" and patriotism, and we cannot ignore that sometimes these lines are blurred, and the Australia First Party is purely about supporting our sovereignty and our nation as unique one. By default, it means "preferring one ethnicity over another"! It means supporting the original inhabitants of our land, the indigenous peoples of Australia who are being forced to be another minority group in a "multi-cultural" and "multi-racial" society.
We need to support the Australians who have over many years adopted this land as their own, through nation building and heritage. Multiculturalism was adopted by previous governments as a tool to support high rates of immigration, liberal border control policies, and the fragmentation of society. Without common heritage and ideals, governments know the population will be divided, dampened by political-correctness, and thus conquer community outrages to small fringe grass-roots groups.
Multiculturalism is about homogenizing our past, our history, our values, and our culture - that's assumed not to exist! It assumes that Australia has no "culture" and is purely a global mix with little identity than what has been imported from overseas nations.
Australia has unique folk music, traditions, architecture, fine arts, literature, dance, poetry and history. Our pioneers were tough and formed a foundation for a strong nation. Even though not all of admirable, Australia traditionally had low crime rates, high standards of living and our own industries - until privatisation and free trade agreements!
With gigantic multi-national trade agreements being signed, our living standards and wages and industries are under threat.
At least Japan can be admired for their patriotism, for keeping their identity intact, and for avoiding the pressure to accept mass immigration. Despite their "ageing population" their economy is holding fast and living standards remain high.
We shouldn't feel under pressure to denounce Australia. Any people living here should all be adapting to one umbrella - and be Australian with ONE passport and ONE nation.

Title and emphasis added - Ed

Those threatened invasion of cultures are insecure about their own
Multiculturalism includes the historical Australian identity. If anyone is threatened by the invasion of cultures, it is only because of insecurity about your own. Although to some it is a shame that this could not develop in isolation, to others, the 'multi' part is just as, if not more, interesting and exciting. It has given us great food, entertainment, opened our eyes to the world, built our infrastructure, such as the Snowy Mountains Scheme, improved our overall wealth, which can only be created through labour, nothing else can produce wealth, and I see it as the way forward to strengthen, enrich and grow this nation so that it is able to stand tall in the international arena and defend itself adequately on the economic and security front.

The failure is not multiculturalism, but government. Government has not taken the opportunity afforded it by people wanting to migrate here to open up new centres of growth and development particularly in the rich northern latitudes of this great continent. The consequent overpopulation of its major cities from migration as a result and the negative consequences of this lays not at the feet of the migration policy itself but at the governments failure at decentralization.

Decentralization, growth and development can be successful only with mass migration. If they are worried about loss of cultural identity. Simple, allow in more people from Britain, USA, New Zealand. The queues from those countries alone is endless.

Of course we've benefited from migration, and heavy post war immigration has created a nation, and an economy. It's not the fact that we had migration, but the supposition that MORE of the same can continue to give the benefits of the past is wrong. Once we reach an optimum population size, in relation to our land, environment, cultural mix, economy size and outputs, continuing mass migration is detrimental- culturally, environmentally, and socially. What was once a benefit has now become a burden.

"Decentralization", "growth" and "development" can only be successful with mass migration? Continued growth is not what the public want, not when it exacerbates dis-economies of scale, increases the costs of living and produces an over-sized burdensome economy that costs more than the benefits. Some diversity is stimulating and creates understandings of cultures, but the multicultural push has passed it use-by date and is being pushed by growth-ists for their interests.

Yes, continual reliance on more and more, faster and faster immigration is just like alcoholism or heroine addiction. It starts out seeming like such a nice quick fix to some problem or other - labour supply, wages inflation, sluggish housing market, investor dollars - and it finishes up destroying you by ruining your natural environment and access to resources. You'll do, you'll say anything, you'll invent an industry of excuses like 'multiculturalism', but it's all just the way down to slavery, dispossession and caste system.

Look at what it has done to Australia's political class; they've become like the pigs in Animal Farm. Hard to believe what we have to take orders from these days. Ex-priests, developers, lawyers and economics majors. Pathetic!

And it's all justified by Multiculturalism, now almost synonymous with the corruption of our political system.

Christine Lagarde spoke on Q&A tonight. Many of the tweets were much more entertaining than the economic cliches, however she did several times make the point that growth economics fails to factor in what it refers to as 'externalities' - the environment we all depend on for survival. These are costs of growth and they must 'have a price' she said. What she did not say was that you can take growth and development so far that you cannot repair what you have destroyed; it is lost forever.

Australia has lost in a very short time: access to affordable housing, plenty of space, natural spaces, its own intact ecology; a small, close knit post-war society; local industry, inventions and manufacture; the simple life; time to think and live; the freedom of being few...

Early Australia had a very high proportion of natural scientists and people from all over the world. It did not actually need a multicultural policy; that was a cover to continue the rapid population growth first manifested in the goldrushes. The goldrushes were a time when Finance became reliant on land-production (speculation). It remains addicted to this form of wealth transfer.

The Snowy River Scheme was an environmental disaster but certainly provided a lot of electricity. Unfortunately enough is never enough if you have a growing population; so now we have growth lobbies which constantly want more Snowy-type schemes. There is no end to infrastructure madness unless you allow the population to stop growing.

La Guarde might also have added that the economy depends on social capital as well. Rapid and continuous immigration destroys social capital by disrupting connections to place and local networking and social organisation. We have huge mass immigration now in Australia with the direct cost democracy - because Australians have not been consulted and this continuous growth is a response to corporate demand, which our governments put before the citizens.

These are costs of population growth. It doesn't pay for itself. We do.

The only benefit from Multiculturalism is food. And that is just what people say to try and defend a policy which is essentially culturally destructive.

I don't see people turning on the radio to hear 'multicultural' music. Perhaps people will listen to a program from their own background, if then.

I don't see people being 'worldly' because of diversity. These millenials worldly because they go to school with people who aren't white? I don't think so.

Also, multiculturalism had nothing to do with the snowy river scheme. It may have been an unintended by product (after the fact, not intentionally), but in now way necessary.

The Chancellor of Germany said multiculturalism is a failure, and other European leaders are admitting the same. From my observation from many months through Europe, I concur, and would state that 'failure' is an understatement.

Of course, Australians like to think it's "different here". But we say that about or property market and economy and urban sprawl too ...

Lastly, I don't see different cultures. Everyone lives according to the same 'work-home-consume' lifestyle. Everyone more or less is required to be Politically Correct, to adopt neo-liberal world views. The immigrant adopts our way of life, or follows one we don't want. There is not true multiculture, not true different lifestyles, no truly different social structures or outlooks. These get destroyed as people are forced to homogenise and assimilate.

Very good point you make: "I don't see different cultures. Everyone lives according to the same 'work-home-consume' lifestyle. Everyone more or less is required to be Politically Correct, to adopt neo-liberal world views."

With regard to 'multiculturalism is a failure' (citing German Chancellor), I assume you don't mean to imply that there is a country with a multiculturalist policy on the European continent?

It is prevalent in Europe. Multiculturalism is an 'after the fact' idea and governments do have policies for promoting it.

'Policy of multiculturalism in Europe has failed' - expert (7/5/2013), Voice of Russia

It didn't get enacted with a popular vote, or consensus, but rather was put into motion, and then when sold as an inevitability, the state coerced people to go along.

It is like war IMHO. Governments go to war for various geo-political reasons, but the soldiers and people don't understand these, so they have to invent 'simple' reasons for the rubes to go along. Those who do are 'patriots' and 'tolerant', those who are skeptical are 'traitors' or 'bigots'.

This was posted as a further comment to the discussion in response to this comment and also posted here.

Those who had watched Christopher Boyce being interviewed by Mark Davis in The Falcon Lands on SBS's Lateline last Tuesday should not be surprised that Bob Car and Kevin Rudd were complicit in the 2011 invasion of Libya and in the ongoing terrorist war against Syria in which 130,000 have died.

A brief summary of The Falcon Lands and discussion can be found in the article on SBS Dateline: Christopher Boyce blows whistle on CIA corruption of Australian democracy, Labor Party & trade union movement (18 Feb 2014). The link to the Iview page on which it can still be watched is on that page.

Also (as comments are now closed on the last Monday Message Board of 3 February, can I say here) those who would like to help Anne-Lousie Lambert, who played Miranda in the 1975 Australian Classic film Picnic at Hanging Rock, save the set of that film from destruction by property developers, please attend the protest tommorrow beginning at 11 AM. There will be music all day. Details can be found on the story aty the top of my home page at

The following is a continuation of the discussion on .

Iconoclast @#43 wrote:

You are absolutely right (@#37) about the deadly criminality of the US.

Thank you.

Iconoclast continued:

However, you neglect to mention the deadly criminality of the current Russian and Chinese regimes.

Could you provide examples of the criminality of the Russian and Chinese Governments?

Were you aware that the Russian Government, including President Vladimir Putin, was democratically elected? Were you aware that Russia has a free press that is far more truthful than the war propagandists and corruption denialists in the Fairfax media, the ABC, the SBS, the Murdoch Press?

For some time now, it has been understood by people, who are put themselves to the trouble of discovering the truth, that if you want to know, let alone understand, what is going on in Venezuela, Syria, the Ukraine, Bahrain, etc., that you are wasting your time watching CBS, the BBC, etc. To find out what is happening there, go to sites such as "Russia Today" ( and the Iranian PressTV ( etc.

If you can find examples of dishonest reporting on any of those web-sites, please feel welcome to provide examples here or on my web-site.

Iconoclast wrote:

These days I tend to regard anyone wielding a weapon as a bad person ...

Can't you see that it had not been for some "bad persons" "wielding weapons" Syria would have been leveled by the United States and its allies last year with a death toll approaching that suffered by Iraq and its people would now be living under Sharia law?

The following is a continuation of the discussion on, posts from which which have copied onto this page.

I note that ikonoclast's latest post (@#5) addresses almost none of the content of my latest post (@#3)

Ikonoklast, if you would prefer that I continue in this discussion with you, you should address my arguments and supporting evidence. Why not start with what I wrote in #44 on page 1. Either show me why I am wrong or else acknowledge that what I have posted is correct.

Ikonoklast wrote:

Are you saying, Russian oppression doesn't happen in Chechnya?

You realise that the Boston marathon bombers were Chechen terrorists and that the FBI failed to act on warnings given to them by Russian intelligence that Chechen terrorists preparing to bomb the Boston Marathon? Anyway, feel most welcome to explain how you know that justice lies with the cause of such terrorists and not with the Russians and their regional allies in the Caucasus.

Ikonoklast wrote:

Russia is ruled by Chekists and oligarchs.

As I explained above President Vladimir Putin was democratically elected. He was elected with a far higher margin than war criminal Presidents Barack Obama and George W Bush.

Ikonoklast wrote:

On the other hand, meeting violence with violence (on a mass scale) is guaranteed to escalate the situation and result in ever more deaths. The young male hot-heads who remain to fight [in Syria will win] nothing but ruins.

Presumably, you would also have objected to the violence with which the young Australian 'hot-heads' on the Kokoda Track and at Milne Bay met the violence of the Japanese invaders in 1942? If you took the time to look at the facts about Syria, you would know that Syrian soldiers are no less defending their country against invasion by a cruel and viscious enemy than were Australians in New Guinea in 1942.