Australian Labor Party

Victorian treasurer mentions population growth

from The Age, 28th April 2008

The last 3 sentences are of interest:

Mr Lenders, who grew up on a Gippsland dairy farm and was briefly a Young Liberal, said there should be a debate on how Victoria handles population growth.

But it was the Government's role to help make Melbourne liveable, not to determine how big it grew.

"I'm not quite sure what governments do about that," he said. "If we are trying to have a vibrant economy, people will want to come and live here."

What are the prospects for Labor bringing about a just society?

The Australian Labor Party, the world's oldest political political party still in existence, is a contradictory organisation. With its record in Government, at the Federal and state levels, and in opposition, led by Kevin Rudd, with an ever-diminishing number of policy positions which distinguish it from the ruling Howard Liberal Government, it is all too easy for critics to the left of Labor to dismiss it as no better than the Liberal Party as indeed the Greens, the Democrats and some parties of the far left have maintained either implicitly or explicitly.

Yet there seems to be no other path out of the political rut in which this country has become stuck since the election of Howard in 1996, except through the election of Labor.

Labor's dismal record since 1983

Since at least the early 1980's the Labor Party has been dominated by leaders who have acted to represent the same kinds of powerful vested interests that the Labor Party was originally formed to oppose, that is large corporations, financiers, property developers and land speculators.

Every Labor Government that has come to office since 1983, at both the Federal and state level has shamelessly, and often corruptly, served those interests to the detriment of its own support base, the country as a whole, and the environment.

Beattie wins Queensland State elections by default

I don't often find myself in agreement with Coalition politicians but Springborg was not too far wide of the mark when he said that the Beattie Labor Government was returned by default. Like the coalition, the Queensland branch of the Labor Party is a party which depends upon donations from property developers and land speculators. This would be the explanation behind most of Beattie's misgovernment of Queensland in the last 10 years, and why would have got no better from the Coaltion if they had won. It's a shame that Cate Molloy did not win her seat back in the election. Of all the candidates, she deserved most of all to win for having had the courage to defy the Labor Party machine and for having tried to support the best interests of her constituents. Her vote of 23.6% was impressive in the circumstances, but obviously not sufficient. Cate Molloy's letter of resignation from the Labor Party can be found . --- Originally -69182">posted to .