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President Yanukovich: Illegitimate rulers of Ukraine to face trial for coup against elected government

The translated speech has been posted to YouTube and is embedded within this article. The automatically generated Youtube transcript has been copied, the errors have been corrected, and is also included within.
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The elected President of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovych, gave a speech on 14 April in Rostov-on-Don. Rostov-on-Don, in addition to the Crimea, has been taken back by Ukrainians from the illegitimate government which which overthrew President Yanukovych's elected government in a coup, orchestrated by the CIA on 22 February. The Australian Government has joined a preposterous sanction-imposing alliance against Russia, led by the United States, which shows gut-churning hypocrisy and a disregard for the rules of evidence in accusing Russia of aggression against Crimea and Ukraine."
In addition to the Crimea, Ukrainians have taken back, from the Kiev putschists, Rostov-on-Don, Odessa and other cities in the south-east of the Ukrainian mainland. President Yanukovych, as the commander-in-chief of the Ukrainian armed forces called upon them to not shoot at fellow Ukrainians, but to turn their weapons on those who had illegally overthrown his elected government.
After the President spoke, the Interior Minister Mr Pershonka and the Prosecutor General Mr Zehartinger also spoke. (The spelling of their names may need correction.) The video was posted to Russia Today on 13 April 2014. The speech has been translated into English and Candobetter has copied the automatically generated YouTube transcript and corrected the mistakes as best as we where were able to.

Elected [exiled] Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich:My fellow countrymen I would like to make a statement in connection with the events that have taken place in the Donetsk Region and in the city of Slavyansk.

Blood was shed today. From now on the situation in our country is fundamentally different.

Ukraine is on the brink of a Civil War. The Kiev cabal has given a criminal order to use force and send regular troops against civilians in south eastern Ukraine.

I'd like to remind everyone that, when we were in Kiev, we did not use such methods, even against radicals and extremists.

Ukraine's socio-economic situation is quickly deteriorating. The country is spiralling towards inevitable bankruptcy.

Let us recall how it all started. It started with Maidan, where a group of nationalists imposed its will on the majority of Ukrainians using violence, and later, even weapons. The people of Ukraine will never put up with such authoritarianism, especially coming from nationalists.

People living in various regions are looking for ways to protect themselves in the future of their children. They want to live in a free country, speak their native tongue, have a voice, elect local officials. These are the demands of the regions.

How can you replace dialogue with the methods they have offered - the language of machine guns and armour? Don't they understand what the country needs the most today is not a hurried presidential election, but a wide dialogue that would lead to consensus?

More power should be delegated to the regions. People should have the right to elect their regional leaders, both in western and eastern Ukraine.

The regions don't want to put up with the dictate of the central government. That's why the only acceptable solution today it to call a referendum. That would calm the situation in the country down, stop the civil war and preserved ukraine from a breakup. After that a new constitution should be a adopted, and only then should there be parliamentary and presidential elections.

This is a legitimate and fair demand by the Ukrainian people who seek protection against authoritarianism, lawlessness and humiliation. One more thing: by dismissing the legitimate demands of the Ukrainian people a separatism and describing an insignificant group of people as revolutionaries they intentionally divide our society, furthering the country's disintegration.

I would like to say a few words about the steps being taken by the so-called 'Ukrainian authorities' who will sooner or later be held accountable for the decisions they are making today. I can tell you straight away you will be prosecuted. I'm talking first and foremost about Avaca Navichenko and the security force officers who carry out their criminal orders.

As commander in chief, I tell the troops, police and security service officers: Don't follow their criminal orders. Don't shoot at Ukrainians. People will never forgive you if you do.

United States involved in Ukraine destabilisation

Also, I would like to mention that the United States was directly involved in the recent events, through diplomatic channels and intelligence services. It is not just playing an active role. It tells people what they should do and how they should do it. According to the reports I have received from Ukraine's security services and other government institutions, CIA director Brennan has visited Kiev. He had meetings with the illegitimately appointed chiefs of Ukraine's security agencies new people new including Avokav, Narivachenko, Vors and Nurayemo, as well as the so-called acting president Turchinov.

It was after these meetings that the decision to use force in eastern Ukraine was then made. Basically, Mr. Brennan sanctioned the use of force and instigated bloodshed.

Thus, United States also played a role in unleashing this Civil War. The pro-western so-called government (FN) has been working in Kiev for two months. The lives of ordinary people keep getting more and more difficult. The West promises to help, but has done nothing yet.

I appeal to the people of Ukraine: Don't let the pseudo-advocates of Euro-integration destroy our country. Preserve the unity of Ukraine. Defend your future. The people of Ukraine alone have the right to decide the future of their country. Thank you.

Female journalist [FN]: You have the Prosecutor General and the Interior Minister sitting next to you. We would really like to hear from Mr. Pershonka[FN] and Mister Zehartinger about what they think about the current situation.

Mr Pershonka(?) Interior Minister: I'd say that legal and social institutions are intentionally being destroyed in Ukraine today. They're being destroyed by the self-appointed authorities. Total disrespect for law has become commonplace. Let me give you a few examples. From a legal point of view, illegal orders come from illegitimately appointed officials, specifically Turchino a back-up NaleviCheko and Magnitsky. We hear that Magnitsky has told the prosecution service and police to stop investigating attacks on police officers who were killed or injured while protecting constitutional order. We hear there are plans to stage provocations at the border in eastern provinces for the purpose of discrediting the Russian army. The media reported today that Yulia Tymoshenko was present at the meeting of the National Security and Defence Council.

This report comes from Titus Chernobyl. She's not a member of the government. She's not a member of Ukraine's Security Council and yet she was present at the meeting. There are many examples like that. You can find plenty of them in open sources.

So, as Ukraine's Interior Minister, I can say that the people who give unlawful orders will certainly be prosecuted, and to my colleagues, police officers, I want to say don't follow such unlawful orders because otherwise you will certainly be held accountable.

Thank you.

Mr Zehartinger (Prosecutor General): I would like to remind everybody that the top priority for Ukraine's legitimate authorities last December, and then in January and February this year, was to find a peaceful solution to the crisis. You remember talks with the Opposition; talks were foreign officials were present as well. You remember how police officers stood on Maidan without weapons for 90 days. You remember two amnesties announced by the Parliament in which three hundred offenders detained on Maidan were pardoned. You remember all these facts which prove that Ukraine's legitimate authorities wanted to resolve the situation peacefully.
I can give you many other examples of the things that Ukraine's legitimate authorities did, but you know all these facts. I just briefly reminded you about them.

Ukraine's legitimate authorities make their decisions independently. Unlike the current authorities, they did not act out other people scenarios. The main characteristic of the current illegitimate authorities in Kiev is that they violate law and we see these obvious violations.

How did the dialogue with the legitimate authority start in Maidan last November? You remember molotov cocktails. You remember calls to break into government buildings in various regions. You remember calls to seize the security service headquarters, the Interior Ministry, Prosecution Service offices, etcetera. Calls to take up arms and seize power. Illegitimate authorities are violating official and moral laws. They no longer remember that they came to power as a result of a coup.

The Kien auithorities should remember that you can't first disregard the constitution and then demand that others abide by the law. The current illegitimate authorities manipulated laws, moral principles, people's minds, and they're still doing that today. I think you will agree that this is why our country is on the verge of civil war,
today. Blood was shed today and this on Palm Sunday, an important day for Orthodox Christians. And that's the day that the illegitimate authorities have picked to launch an 'anti-terrorist'[FN] operation that results in bloodshed. What about morality? What about ethics? Who will give an account for all that? They violate law. They violate moral principles. They don't have ethical principles. It is necessary to restore law, but the current authorities continue to break it.

It is necessary to address crucial issues, such as talks, the referendum, the things President Yanukovych talked about and resolve the situation peacefully. Instead, the illegitimate Kiev authorities send armour. Helicopters are hovering over cities and towns. They open fire. And they do all that openly, violating Ukrainian laws. They just ignore them. In order to find a compromise the authorities need to have courage and fortitude, but they lack both. They're unable to deal with the situation in a peaceful way by meeting with Ukrainian people and solve the problems according to Ukraine's constitution which says that supreme power belongs to the Ukrainian people.

The illegitimate authorities in Kiev simply forgot about it. Power is all they care about. If they continue to defy laws illegitimate authorities in Kiev don't listen to reason, if they continue to violate Ukraine's Constitution and other laws this will not help to solve the situation peacefully.

Thank you.

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