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Ivanhoe: Public meeting July 6th, "Public Land for the Public"

Julianne Bell of Protectors of Public Land Victoria will be the speaker at a meeting of concerned citizens "Protecting Heritage and Public Interest in Banyule," Sunday July 6th, 2.00pm for 2.30pm, Seddon St. Community Centre, Ivanhoe. Ivanhoe Civic Precinct Master Plan includes demolition of the current library and privatisation of three lots of civic land. You can attend the meeting and be listed to speak at the start of the meeting.

Ivanhoe Civic Precinct Master Plan includes demolition of the current, iconic, ‘mid-century modernist’ design Library and privatisation of three lots of civic land!
Two of the sites are adjacent to the Civic Precinct. i.e. (1), a well landscaped CAR PARK - west of Upper Heidelberg Rd and off Ivanhoe Parade (west) and (2), Lot 14, Ivanhoe Parade (west) – including both the Ivanhoe Senior Citizens Hall and the Arts Community Space buildings and (3), residential development within the Civic Precinct site.

Currently all three are council/ rate payer-owned land!

What you can do:

You can attend the Banyule Council Meeting Monday July 7th - 7pm for 7.30pm

And be listed to speak at the start of the meeting,

and/or write -

To All Councillors, the CEO, and relevant officers - PO Box 51, Ivanhoe 3079/

You can be added to Councils email list to be updated by contacting Ben Smith 9490 4222:

Also see

And attend the meeting:
"Protecting Heritage and Public Interest in Banyule"
Sunday July 6th
2.00pm for 2.30pm
Seddon St. Community Centre, Ivanhoe

Our speaker is

Julianne Bell “Protectors of Public Land”

Everyone welcome / Gold coin donation

More Information 0427 949 951/ 0411 154 914

Join us to discuss these important issues of our time.
The first part of the meeting will cover the Proposed Plan for the CIVIC PRECINCT and actions people can take regarding the Plan; the second part will cover the Proposed Council Lease of CHELSWORTH PARK to a private school for 30 years

Extra information:

(Lot No’s and Heritage Overlays in Ivanhoe Parade and the Civic Precinct area of the Ivanhoe Shopping Centre)

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On 12 June 2014 Ratepayers Victoria Inc. met at their office with a representative from the Omsbudsman of Victoria with member concerns regarding local councils.

The meeting is reported to have lasted two hours and it was felt that some progress was made.

A major issue is that there is no accountability or follow up in regards to issues raised with Councils. Ratepayers Victoria stated that an independent body should be established to consider complaints to councils. The omsbudman
representatives seemed to agree that this appears to be an issue that should be given some priority.

There is reportedly some confirmation that a minister is concerned about the many problems raised both by the media and letters from ratepayers groups and Ratepayers Victoria Inc. This and other signs cause some optimism that Victorians will see some legislative enforcement that will make councils more accountable to Ratepayers.

It is yet to be seen what action will taken by the Ombudsman.