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West newsmedia avoids reporting 400 bodies found in Ukraine mass graves are evidence of war crime - Lavrov

Republished from article of 1 Oct 2014 on Global Research.

Editorial introduction: A search of Google News with the search term "Ukraine" found no mention of this gruesome discovery in the first 4 pages of search results except for the following:

Facts distorted as Moscow claims hundreds of bodies discovered in Ukrainian 'mass graves' (1/10/14) by the Telegraph's Moscow correspondent, Tom Parfitt and War Crime Inquiries and a Toppled Lenin as Ukraine Ceasefire Violations Continue (30/9/14) by Harriet Salem.

Both these reports tried to dismiss and downplay the enormity of this crime. Harriet Salem's article obscures the massacre with the story of the toppling of the statue of Lenin and other irrelevant episodes. Salem repeats unsubstantiated claims by Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch that the East Ukraine self-defence forces, as well as the Kiev regime, "have violated international laws in a host of ways".

It appears that Parfitt, along with the rest of the Western mainstream media, has failed to report the Odessa Massacre of 2 May 2014. Nowhere in the The Telegraph nor anywhere else on the web, could I find any article by Tom Parfitt about the Odessa Massacre.

So other than these two misleading articles, nothing else seems to have been reported about this war crime.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Wednesday that more than 400 bodies have been discovered in mass graves near the city of Donetsk in eastern Ukraine, in what he described as "horrific" evidence that pointed to a war crime.

"This is obviously a war crime. Already more than 400 bodies have been discovered in [mass] graves outside Donetsk and we hope that western capitals will not hush up these facts [because] they're horrific," Lavrov said, adding there was an apparent blackout of the incident in Western mass media.

Last week, several mass graves filled with bodies of massacred civilians and independence supporters, killed execution-style, were unearthed 35 kilometers northeast of Donetsk.

"I expect [to hear] a clear, unbiased and responsible response from international organizations. OSCE is already working at the scene. We will make the truth known and, of course, make sure that the justice is done," Sergei Lavrov said at a press conference.

Speaking at PACE's fall session in Strasbourg on Tuesday, Russian lawmaker Olga Kazakova called on the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe to keep an eye on the investigation into this horrendous massacre.

The independence supporters of southeastern Ukraine believe that the civilians were murdered by the National Guard fighters who had stayed in the village of Nyzhnia Krynka, near the city of Donetsk, where the graves had been discovered, since April. Ukrainian authorities later denied this accusation, saying that not a single National Guard fighter had been in the area, adding however that some other Ukrainian units were deployed there at the time.

Lavrov commented on Kiev's recent claim to conduct an open and impartial probe of the alleged massacre as soon as it regained control of the area, saying it was pure hypocrisy because "these crimes were obviously perpetrated there at the time when Ukrainian security forces were in control of this region."

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Although there are certainly mass graves, it seems likely that the number of 400 bodies does not refer to mass graves alone. In the video below it seems thaThere is a discussion about the origins of this confusion in the video below. Following that report there is another very good comment on a rumour that IS is threatening to infiltrate Europe by sending people to masquerade as refugee applicants.