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Fed up!

The function of Australian mass media seems to be to inveigle listeners into complicity in the terrible transformation that is being visited on us in Australia (turning what were once pleasant capital cities where most of us now live, into dystopian megalopolises) by inviting them to 'choose' between distasteful solution A or unpleasant solution B.

I am fed up.

I am fed up with the fact that nearly all the air time on local ABC radio is filled with discussion of the symptoms of rapid population growth and human overpopulation with scarcely a passing reference to the actual cause. For example, today I caught a discussion of wind farms on the Basalt Plains in Western Victoria. A woman called Jon Faine’s program with a concern that there are only 500 brolgas left in the area and that wind farms impinge on the birds’ territory by around an 8kms margin from each wind farm. Host, Jon Faine as devil's advocate pointed out that the brolgas could go somewhere else as the wind farms were not really taking up a lot of space. The next caller ridiculed the brolga advocate with the opposite argument that if coal continued to be used to generate electricity then there would be no environment for brolgas or anything else. Neither caller mentioned that with increasing population, more and more electricity needs to be generated either by coal or by wind farms or whatever will do the trick. The human environmental footprint in Victoria is growing from a size 10 to a size 14 with no end in sight.

I’m also fed up that the Leader newspaper was delivered to my letter box this week with the front page headline “Please ease squeeze” plastered over a photo of South Yarra railway station exit/entrance presumably at peak hour in the afternoon as the crowds are walking away from the station. According to the article the station is a daily bun fight with too many passengers for the capability of the station. Prahran State Greens MP, Sam Hibbens “has lodged a Freedom of Information request with the department of transport to find out what improvements are being considered for the bustling hub.” This same MP in 2010 as a Federal candidate was invited to reply (both in writing and by phone) to a questionnaire on population for Sustainable Population Australia but no reply was received. In a nutshell, Hibbens is calling for improvements in the station to accommodate an “extra 5000 people expected to move into the Forest Hill precinct adjacent to the station in the next 15 years.” I feel exasperated to know that it is already overcrowded, so the improvement would have to provide an enormous increase in capacity if it were to accommodate the continuous increase in population which is expected. This increase in population ensures continued discomfort and stress for passengers. This is a big deal as it is an essential part of their daily lives and we only get one life each, as far as I know. Governments don’t seem to be about improving lives at all, only talking about it, staving off complaints, and controlling what should be uproar about the completely avoidable destruction of the reasonable lives we used to lead and could have continued to have led.

I am equally fed up with the articles in the daily media such as The Age in Melbourne (several this week) about booming population growth as though it is news. To me it is just a constant feed of reminders to the readership of a decreasing quality of life due to socially engineered population hyper-growth.

Turning to the radio, the function of chat shows especially on the ABC seem to be to inveigle the audience into complicity in this terrible transformation that is being visited on us in Australia (turning what were once pleasant capital cities where most of us now live, into dystopian megalopolises) by inviting them to feel they are being heard by calling in with suggestions and their views on whether they’d like distasteful solution A or unpleasant solution B. Alternatively, the programs feature trivial topics as a brief distractions from the reality of where we are heading. (As I write this, the program I can hear is dedicated to personal coincidences.)

I’d love to know what instructions the columnists of the daily newspapers are given to guide them in their articles on population growth. It must be something like “Make sure that you don’t let anyone know that high population growth is a government choice. Make it sound like a trend you are following and reporting on that has no rhyme or reason."

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The media present our population "projections" as a matter of course, as if it were some natural phenomenom, or inevitable. While fertility levels have remained mostly constant, there's nothing unpredictable about our immigration rates! Our government holds the purse strings with regards to the great variety of visas, and their numbers.

We are being conned into thinking that our population "projections" are a challenge we must take on, as if we had no choice?
Where's the democracy?

Of course, the rubber hits the road at local residential levels, and at local government level, as reported in the Leader newspapapers. If we continue to squeeze more people into our cities, the fallouts we have now will simply become greater - more crime, homelessness, family breakdowns, congestion, food insecurity, unemployment, smaller housing, crushing and social discord. The elite will simply look down on the swarming masses, all trying to survive, but they will be gaining the "economic growth"- and just give lip service to the growing numbers of people falling between the cracks in our society. Cuts to homelessness, mental health care, social housing, etc means more people dispossessed - and discarded. We are not creating stable, sustainable communities, but a growing dystopia!

It was probably the 3AW or ABC Radio afternoon show I was listening to, where they were talking about the parking at train stations being at capacity. One station in particular was mentioned, Williams Landing which is in Melbourne's Western human dumping ground, sorry, I mean "Growth Corridor". The complaint was that it is scarcely been built, but already full. A similar complaint was made about Watergardens, in the North West. Poor planning was mentioned, but no mention of our population policy.

The media ASSUME, so as not to allow it to be questioned, that population growth must happen, and the peanut gallery bang their heads worrying about each crisis this brings. It is silly to hear people talk about how to waterproof the carpet from water damage, without mentioning that perhaps we wouldn't have this issue, if attention was paid to the missing tiles.

Only a day or two later, or earlier, similar discussion was made about the traffic crisis, and again, mass growth was only mentioned, but it never, ever was mentioned that perhaps the population policy itself is no good. It is taken as an assumption, and not questioned.

The problem is, the media thrive on crisis. People worry about crisis here and now, and are too focused on fixing what is a crisis TODAY, that they neglect to attend to issues which will result in a crisis tomorrow. Those then becomes tomorrows "Its too late!" crisis. We've known for years that traffic will become a problem, as housing, but no, it had to wait until it actually materialised, IN FULL before we even started to mention it.

The media can't sell papers based on preventing crisis. Most people aren't alarmed. The media, and journalists will always support the status quo, because they are presstitutes, and have power precicesly because they reinforce the status quo. They are hopeless behind on news. The ghost cities in China weren't made an "issue" until about 3 or so years after many already realised it an issue. Traffic in Melbourne was obviously going to grind to a halt, but it's just NOW becoming news.

This is a symptom of a dying society, which cannot anticipate change. Out institutions are monolitihic, outdated, slow and stuck in the past. The mainstream media consists of nothing, with nobodies but actors. Our politicians by and large, are nothings. They are beholden to vocal interest groups, because they are weak.

I can't help but conclude that it is partly because most people just don't care, or have any desire to protect their nation and their built up civilisation. In previous years, people would have said "I wont stand for this", but apathy reigns supreme. The media fuel it, and the media respond to it.