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Go back to where you came from show lacks credibility on Syrian refugees

Although planned invited economic immigrants are far more numerous in Australia, the fuss about accepting or rejecting asylum seekers is so ridiculous when nothing is said about how the wars we support generate nearly all the refugees NATO shudders at the idea of.

I hadn’t been watching SBS latest 3 day Go Back To Where You Came From series, being put off by the obnoxious nationalism of people in the trailers. But I thought to just look at the final part on July 31, 2015. In fact I recorded it and watched a little the next day. I only saw the first 8 minutes, but that was enough to get the gist.

I don’t know who is responsible for SBS bias – unlike the ABC it pretends to be have no editorial control, so maybe this is just the default position.

So where were they going in the Middle East to see the place refugees came from? A refugee camp on the Turkish border, which looked to be in the zone that Turkey has infested with IS terrorists! And who was the refugee sample?

There was a flash back to their meeting in Melbourne with this refugee, who was a Palestinian! She wasn’t a Palestinian fleeing Israel’s ethnic cleansing though. As she related, "I went to buy groceries and there was a helicopter bombing our house."

So she fled to another place, where she was then hit by ISIS, and came to Australia.

But the party didn’t go to Yarmouk and Damascus – they went to the north west to meet the Kurds, who are battling against ‘the worst terrorist organisation in the world’.

This was yet another puff piece for the freedom and music loving Kurds, made before it looked like the Kurds may soon be joining the Syrian army to fight against Turkey and its proxies. And one of our good Aussies said that ‘I’d love to see 14,000 Kurds coming to take refuge in Australia’!

The voice-over, not by the guy who did the last series but by one who sounded like propaganda central, talked about the dangers from the ‘brutal Assad regime’ and from ISIS terrorists, and how this was the worst humanitarian crisis since WW2.

Syrians don't want to come here as refugees; they want Australia to stop supporting the war against their government

All this got me to thinking about the rift between refugee support and the Syrian crisis, and how it is that the people who are really suffering in Syria have no desire to come to Australia as refugees – all they want is for us to stop attacking their homes so they can live there in peace.

So it seems to me that if we actually want to help refugees – at least the ones from our battlefields, we should be putting the pressure on leaders to start working with the Syrian government and to put pressure on Saudi Arabia and Turkey and Israel and the US to go back to where they came from...!

But of course before ‘we’ do that ‘we’ are going to have to understand who are the bad guys in this conflict. (I’ve noticed incidentally that if ABC reporters find a ‘refugee’ in Europe or elsewhere, most of the time they will be ‘Syrian’. On the day I watched my recording of GBTWYCF, I noticed that when Cameron in Britain had said the ‘swarm’ of migrants should go back to West Africa, the ABC interviewed a random migrant in Calais who was.... Syrian!

Of course there is yet another devious agenda here – that Cameron wouldn’t be saying the migrants were mostly from Syria even if they were, because then it would be impossible to turn them away!

There’s a third problem – that migrants across Europe now all say they are from Syria, even when you can see they are Roma, or North African, or just homeless. It’s the best way to get sympathy and money. It was the same last year when we were in Greece, Lebanon, and France.


Number of displaced people world wide is just under 60 million! According to the UNHCR (2104) the country hosting the largest number of refugees was Turkey, with 1.59 million refugees. By the end of 2014, Syria had become the world’s top source country of refugees, overtaking Afghanistan, which had held this position for more than three decades.

Iraq witnessed massive new internal displacement as a result of the Islamic State (or ‘ISIS’) offensive across multiple parts of the country. Afghanistan, Syria, Somalia: more than half of the refugees on the planet come from one of these three countries plagued and undermined by years of war and violence.

Many of these people are concentrated in the Middle East and in particular in Iraq and Syria, where ISIS’s advance and the Syrian civil war have driven many people from their homes. Refugees have a way of destabilizing whole societies and regions even decades after the tragedies that led to their displacement. With the fragile nature of our planet's ecosystems, and the overcrowding, peace is easy to destroy!

More than 60% of those going to Europe are fleeing the conflict in Syria, with others escaping continued violence in Afghanistan. Likewise, the majority of people arriving nearby in Italy are fleeing armed conflict in Somalia or conscription in Eritrea. Some are fleeing failed nations, overpopulation and poverty.

This humanitarian crisis is largely the direct result of the United States and NATO decision to effect regime change in Libya in 2011, and Syria and the Middle East. Libya never recovered from the intervention. Citizens of many African nations routinely went to work in Libya, an oil rich nation which had jobs for migrants. Besides population overshoot, first world countries are guilty of causing many of the world’s refugees directly through invasion and intervention, and economically through exploitation and colonization policies, looting countries of their own natural resources.

In a recent interview – I can't cite where right now – President al-Assad urged Syrians not to flee Syria and urged those who had fled to return to Syria.

Bashar al-Assad seems to be well aware of how Syrians fleeing from the war, are, paradoxically, helping to further increase the flood of of refugees together with the attendant drownings in the Mediterranean and social unrest in Greece, Sweden and elsewhere thereby reinforcing the mainstream media's lie that he is a 'brutal dictator' who is murdering his own people.

That lie has been used since March 2011 to justify the proxy covert war against their own country, which has so far cost the lives of over 220,00 fellow citizens according to one estimate. Should the war continue or even become an overt invasion, with the help of Turkish President Erdogan, even more Syrians will feel compelled to flee.

In one recent news item, I heard some Syrian refugees in 'neutral' Sweden – the country which has set up Australian whistleblower Julian Assange, now besieged in the London Ecuadorian embassy, with trumped-up rape charges in a transparent attempt to have him ultimately extradited to the United States to face the same fate as fellow whistleblower Chelsea (formerly Bradley) Manning– praise that rogue state for supposedly helping them.

In the meantime a large influx of refugees and immigrants into Sweden, from Syria and elsewhere, add to unemployment and drive down the living standards of native Swedes, thereby undermining that country's social harmony and adding to global chaos.

There has has been the lack of any international action to stop the bombardment and brutal violence against civilians in Syria. This has left a vacuum that has been filled by organised extremist groups. No wonder the Syrians feel the world has forgotten about them, and their despair has created a fertile atmosphere in which extremism can grow. It means Jihadists can come in and kill.

Some 55% of Syrians want Assad to stay, 1  motivated by fear of civil war – a spectre that is not theoretical as it is for those who live outside Syria's borders.

With half of Syria's population displaced due to its ongoing civil war, Church leaders in the country are seeking to send a message of hope and support for the persecuted Christian minority who have chosen to stay. Archbishop Jeanbart's diocese, of Aleppo, is seeking to establish a development program offering concrete aid to benefit small businesses, help rebuild small workshops, and repair homes damaged in the civil war.

He noted that the Church in Syria has been fighting against the Christian exodus for years, because it weakens and "compromises the presence of the Church of the Apostles in the land that saw the very beginnings of Christianity".

Whether it's called a humanitarian corridor and no-fly zone, a safe zone, a free zone, it really is an excuse for US air cover for the forces that they want to pull into power. No one is more responsible for the rise of ISIL, for the funding, and for the destabilization of the entire region and ISIS has flourished.


1. ↑  55% seems to be considerably less than the true figure. According to Landslide Win for Assad in Syria's Presidential Elections (4/6/14) | Haaretz :

"Syria's parliament speaker said Wednesday President Bashar Assad has been re-elected by a landslide, capturing 88.7 percent of the vote.

"... Assad's two challengers, Hassan al-Nouri and Maher Hajjar, won 4.3 percent and 3.2 percent respectively.

"The Supreme Constitutional Court said turnout was 73.42 percent."

65.1% of all eligible Syrian voters voted for President Bashar Al-Assad in these difficult circumstances. Had a number of countries not obstructed the participation by Syrian expatriates in that election, the turnout would have been even higher. Clearly President al-Assad can claim far more political legitimacy than the rulers of the United States, Britain, Australia, Israel, Saudi Arabia and any other country I can think of which is hostile to Syria on the international stage.

The above article from Haaretz is linked to from Syria's press conference the United Nations doesn't want you to see (21/6/15) with a one hour embedded video republished from Global Research. – Ed

The United Nations is not doing its job. As its name, it should be negotiating to end the causes of asylum seekers, but it's being ignored. It should be uniting nations against conflicts, intervention, corruption, colonialization, overpopulation and ending wars. This aspect of asylum seekers is being ignored. It's assumed that 60 million displaced people is an inevitable part of our modern world.

If there's more bombing in Syria, where will the people go? The US has opened a gaping wound, opening up the evil of ISIS and opposition to the West.

The UN is corrupt. It's old and out of date with modern world problems. The Latin American leaders are corrupt, and end up in the high positions, executives of the UN. Exceptional was one Peruvian Dr Perez de Cuellar. He was the last honest, sane, transparent, and a strong authority who inspired respect- the best one. Now friends of dictators of Latin America are corrupt. How can Bolivia or any other country be "neutral" if the central office of the UN is in New York? Not possible.

The United States is part of the business of destroying Syria. America wants to sell more guns and prohibit prosperity for third world countries and keep the status quo for business!