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Video Debate: Western-made refugee crisis

Video inside: Obviously it is deeply disturbing for ordinary European populations to realise that wave upon wave of immigrants are now arriving from the war torn states of the Middle East. Why is it that the only voices raised are calling to let all refugees in, but none are raised against western involvement in the wars and other interventions that have caused these recently functional states to collapse? Want to hear the debate from another point of view besides the Australian, UK and US media? Watch this debate between Sukant Chandan, Anders Lustgarten, and Tim Finch. "The real and imagined refugee crisis engulfing Europe: What accounts for the EU’s near indifference to the plight of refugees clamoring to enter European countries? Could it be that these people are from countries NATO members have attacked, and turned into failed states or havens for terrorists? These refugees never wanted to leave home in the first place…" First published on RT on 31 August 2015 at


The EU is under tremendous pressure to absorb the number of displaced people, many of whom come from the Middle East, such as Syria, and from Africa. There's been little discussion on why, or how to end the misery and overflow! It's assumed that it's part of our modern world, inevitable, and unavoidable, and must be dealt with by absorbing the huge numbers into Europe.

With global population doubled since 1970, any disruption to peace and invasions, will cause massive spilling over of people. In the past there were always new countries, or colonies, to subdue and escape to, for a better life! Now, the world is full!

According to international law, the US cannot intervene in another country militarily or otherwise without the approval, without the cooperation and coordination of that country. They want to bomb ISIS, in Syria, but it has done it without the approval of the Security Council and in clear violation of the charter of the UN. Countries that have helped arming, funding, training and facilitating the work of ISIS are telling the world they are "fighting terrorism".

Australia has a long history of participating in Washington's criminal wars.

Don Rothwell, a professor of law at the Australian National University, told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation that the government was considering action that would "radically adjust Australian doctrine."

The destruction that the US invasion wreaked on Iraq, followed by Washington's open stoking of civil war in Libya and Syria, has plunged the entire region into chaos, giving rise to phenomena such as ISIS, as well as the world’s worst refugee crisis. Despite the flows to Europe, the United States has welcomed few Syrian refugees to its shores. They have a miles-long asylum backlog, insufficient temporary relief, and laborious national security screening procedures that make sure terrorists are not slipping into the country keep refugee admissions to a minimum. Refugee families have changed the demographics of their host cities, such as Shelbyville, Tennessee; Lewiston, Maine; and Minneapolis, Minnesota, all of which have reported culture clashes between Muslims expecting everything from foot baths at public colleges to dietary concessions at public schools.

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Politicians and the press tend to use the first term, implying that the new arrivals are being pulled toward Europe in search of economic opportunities. The United Nations insists that the vast majority of the new arrivals are in fact refugees, people who are being pushed from their homelands due to persecution or conflict.