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Internet radio: Syrian nun says Syrian Refugee Crisis caused by western provocation

Listen to this radio interview with Mother Agnes-Mariam entitled, "Syrian Refugee Crisis Caused by Western Provocation." Recorded on September 7th, 2015. The featured guest is a Christian Palestinian nun stationed in Syria for last 20 years. She exposed the US/Allies/NATO hoax that Syria had chemical WMDs and was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2014.

Mother Agnes-Mariam describes what caused the Syrian refugee crisis and the necessity of healing the problem at the root. She tells Europe to look into their conscience and determine how their interference provoked displacement.

The Western powers have created a lawless intervention that denies the sovereignty of Syria. Sister Agnes asks Canadians to consider how they would feel if their powerful neighbor intervened in their country in the same way. She also addresses Pope Francis' words, the Russia and Saudi Arabia dialog, and the thinking and role of the Syrian army upon whom the people call for protection. She ends with her advice to Canada, Great Britain and the US
regarding how to stop the refugee crisis. [Click HERE for the audio file]

Interview with Mother Agnes-Mariam [Click HERE]:


Last year President Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela warned against the acts of “the imperialist powers” to disrupt stability in Syria and the countries of the Middle East region. The Venezuelan President referred to an article written by former Cuban President Fidel Castro in which the latter cautioned against the U.S.-Western attempts to destabilize the entire region by means of employing Takfiri terrorist organizations.

This month, Cuba and Syria both reaffirmed their commitment to continue strengthening the bilateral solidarity, friendship and cooperation ties that were established 50 years ago by Cuban Revolution leader Fidel Castro and then Syrian President Hafiz al-Assad.

Syrian and Cuban peoples' ties have historical and joint fight roots, and that is why Syria was one of the first nations to recognize the Cuban Revolution and establish diplomatic relations with the Caribbean country.

A pattern of dislocation has been rising steadily since the wars of regime change in Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Syria, Libya and Nigeria from 2001 until the present. When the U.S. and its NATO allies went to war against the Taliban government in Afghanistan they claimed that it was designed to end “terrorism” and ensure stability in Central Asia. CIA officers, based in Turkey, were not to supply arms ("the Obama administration has said it is not providing arms to the rebels"), but rather to “help” those supplying arms “decide which Syrian opposition fighters across the border will receive arms.” The supply of arms to Syrian rebels by the US and Saudi Arabia is a well-established fact.

Islamic fundamentalists represent the greatest danger to those modernising secular governments in the Islamic world that want to pursue an independent course of economic development. The US’s policies frequently lead to Islamic fundamentalists prospering as the most powerful and well-organised political movements.

So far this year, nearly 400,000 migrants, many of them refugees, have crossed the Mediterranean, with many more expected. The CIA spent US$1 billion ($1.4 billion) to fund early efforts to unseat Assad. Others have argued that no one could have foreseen the magnitude of the war in Syria.

Ron Paul: Migrant Crisis Caused By U.S. Interventionism And Support Of ISIS, Al Qaeda (10/9/15) | HNGN

Rather than a "refugee crisis", it's now a "migration crisis". The doors to Europe have been flung opened, and the flood of migration has been let lose. It's assumed that the war in Syria, and displacement, is somehow inevitable, and the UN keep dissolving national borders and sovereignties instead of actually preventing interventions, and the mitigating factors causing refugees.