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Spike in Social media just prior to refugee "crisis" inviting people to Germany - Russian PhD study

It seems that the current mass migration invasion of Germany was organised from the US and the UK, via tweets. A Russian group have analyzed net traffic to ascertain why the mass migration crisis to the EU started and why now. Apparently there were large spikes in social media just before the current big migrations to Europe took off and thousands of men packed and left for the EU. The Russians also anaylzed the content of tweets. Their analysis points to a social media driven event, a call, to come to the EU. There were, in fact, BOTs, that tweeted and re-tweeted. Most bot servers emanated from the USA and the UK, inviting people to Germany.
(Article by Eugene Black, first published in KP RU Daily on 18 September 2015. )

The text below is a slightly edited version from an automatic translation service at You can check the original Russian text and the translation below:

We are publishing this imperfect translation because of the interesting content, which we assume is likely to be true.

After reading an article in "Komsomolskaya Pravda", the Russian scientist Vladimir Shalak conducted its own investigation into the Internet

- I read a very interesting article Uliana Skoybedy in "Komsomolskaya Pravda" - "Chronicles of the death of Germany", - says Vladimir Ph.D. Shalak. - It struck me. I wanted to check what was really going on, whence the flow of migrants. I used the microbloggin network, Twitter.

Welcome to Germany!

Question to researcher: - Why, Vladimir?

Vladimir: - Twitter most quickly responds to all events in the world. Just a minute after the incident. It presents a lot of different points of view. And a lot of additional information. Who exactly wrote, where, etc. [...] The content analysis method was used.

- What's the method?

- One thing is to simply read the text. Different people have different ways they assess, understand.

- Really, there are still heated debates around the "German Chronicle" Skoybedy. Some of our former citizens write that things are quiet in the Fatherland. It's Russian media hysteria, Kremlin propaganda. Although the head of the UN response, Chancellor of Germany, other European leaders is clear that it smells like kerosene ...

- There is quite a rigorous analysis method based on the frequency of words or phrases in body text, titles, etc. I've been doing this for 22 years. Logician by profession, after graduation, I worked for seven years at the Research Center for Artificial Intelligence in Pereslavl there and became interested in the content analysis of the texts. Including the Internet. To do this, set up special computer programs. Content analysis - rigorous method. If someone suddenly have questions, you can always refer to specific sources and to prove that it was not my imagination, but the harsh reality.

With the help of a computer system SKAI launched search and collection of messages at the request of «refugees» (refugees). I searched for Twitter only the original message. It was necessary that a person really had written the tweet, use that word. For the purity of the original investigation it is important. If you take more and retweets will be hundreds of thousands of messages that only stir up the picture.

Quickly gathered more than 19 thousand texts in Twitter. So I wonder what the name of the European countries most frequently mentioned in the messages. I chose to analyze the countries Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Great Britain, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Sweden. Well, and Ukraine.

It turned out that Germany is in the same context with the refugees mentioned in half of all messages. Ie two and a half times more likely than its neighbor Austria, and almost five times more likely than Hungary, through which tens of thousands of transit travel of refugees. England with a modest 6% - in fourth place. On the rest of the world and say no.

So what is going on with Germany? If we restrict tweets that mention only she, the vast majority of them - 93% - admiration for the hospitality and humane policy on refugees Germans.

• Germany Yes! Leftists spray a graffiti on a train sayin "Welcome, refugees" in Arabic

• Lovely people - video of Germans welcoming Syrian refugees to their community

• Respect! Football fans saying "Welcome Refugees" across stadiums in Germany.

• This Arabic Graffiti train is running in Dresden welcoming refugees: (ahlan wa sahlan - a warm welcome).

• 'We love Germany !,' cry relieved refugees at Munich railway station

• Thousands welcome refugees to Germany - Sky News Australia

• Wherever this German town is that welcomed a coach of Syrian refugees with welcome signs and flowers -thank you.

• Germany Yes! Graffiti on train "Welcome" to refugees in Arabic.

• Lovely people (video), the Germans invited Syrian refugees into their communities.

• Respect! Football fans will say "Welcome" to refugees in Germany.

• Thousands welcome the refugees in Germany, etc.

I drew attention to the extraordinary popularity of the slogan «Welcome, refugees», «Welcome, refugees!" I decided to repeat the collection of information already specifically with this invitation. Sobral 5704 original, emphasize tweets that contained the phrase «Welcome, refugees». Again, the exclusion of all retweets, which would be a tremendous increase in the volume of data being analyzed, but did not clarify.

The first three places in Germany - 76.8%, Austria - 12.4%, while Britain only 4.6%.

- Impressive stats!

- So there was my suspicion that Germany is not all right. As my friend likes to joke Mikhail Dymshits, even if you are paranoid, does not mean that you have no one pursues.

- Of course, in Germany, life secure, high benefits for the workers, but there are other rich countries in Europe. Same England, France, Sweden, Norway ...

- But Twitter is inviting mostly in Germany! Intrigued. To continue to investigate, without leaving your computer. Estimates on public accounts published posts «Welcome, refugees» and references to Germany. Select only those accounts, which contains regional identity, built rating. The following chart shows the percentage of the eight leading countries that invite the refugees to visit inviting Germany.

Percentages of eight leading countries that invite the refugees to visit inviting Germany

Oddly enough, but the Germany with 6.4% turned out to be only the third place. The first two places divided between her loyal friends - Britain and the United States and 19.2% from 17.0%.

Interestingly, when the initial study, the interest of England and the US were nearly two times less than it is now.

The moral is that Germany itself is not particularly committed to ensuring that it captivated hordes of miserable refugees. But the rest of the world led by the US and Britain tearfully persuades them to take advantage of traditional German hospitality.

- What happened? Two Anglo-Saxon Allies deliberately invited the refugees last week to ... Germany!

What a remarkable discovery you have made, Vladimir, congratulations! [...] a humanitarian catastrophe of migrants in Europe.

- Through analysis, it became clear to me that the current invasion of refugees already called the 'Great Migration' - was a deliberate campaign.

Digging Deeper!

- Who gave the order? Obama? Cameron? The head of the State Department Kerry?

- Sami these figures glow in Twitter, of course, will not. But the interesting artists who clearly on someone's team started at the same time entice refugees to the Germans.

1) August 30 at 10:25:11 in the film account was taken @ LotteLeicht1 message «Wonderful" #REFUGEES WELCOME ". Banners draped across football stadiums in #Germany this weekend. Via @ markito0171 »(" Great "# REFUGEES, welcome." Banners at football stadiums in Germany this weekend. ") It soon gained over 2000 retweets. Now they are much more.

Lotte Leicht - the lady is not easy. Director of the European Office of the famous human rights organization "Human Rights Watch» (HumanRightsWatch, HRW - Human Rights Watch), headquartered in the United States. Office of the Lotte - in Brussels, the capital of the European Union. But the refugees, as we see, not beckoning to Belgium - Germany.
Lotte Leicht

2) on August 30 at 8:08:37 in the tape posted accountJfxM message «" REFUGEES WELCOME ". Banners draped across Germany's football stadiums this weekend. (@ markito0171) », (Lotte Leicht similar message), who scored more than 1,600 retweets.

This is Jack Moore, a journalist from England. World ReporterNewsweekEurope. FoundedWorldOutline. Formerly at The Times / King's College. London, England.

3) On August 31, 23:59:06 in the film account was takenWashingtonPost message «In Germany, tabloids welcome refugees. In Britain, they propose sending the army to keep them out. ». (In German tabloids welcome refugees. In the UK, offer to send an army to keep them). The newspaper "Washington Post" is known throughout the world. Washington, you know, across the ocean.

Such messages, each of which gathers hundreds of thousands of retweets in recent weeks is very, very much.

Bots from Texas

- Further analysis showed that individual enthusiasts is not limited to, - continues the story of Vladimir Shalak. - On the whole battalions of reinforcements came bots. There are different methods to determine whether the owners of the accounts from which the messages are, real people or a computer program, managed from outside. The so-called bots.

- Do not hide Twitter!

- But he is good.

Here are just a few examples.

1) August 27, forty-botschanging_news, @ changing_news1, ..., @ changing_news39 US simultaneously in 8:00:33 - the working day has begun! - Publish the message «A new welcome: Activists launch home placement service for refugees in Germany and Austria #News #Change #Help» (Welcome: Activists launch service home placement of refugees in Germany and Austria) . All forty-tweets are gone in one second!

Belongs to the group of bots resource «Your News Will Never Be The Same» («Your news will never be the same!") The most amazing thing, despite its name five days later, on September 1, at 22:30:37, the bots send the same message, changing only the beginning of the word lowercase to uppercase. To look like a new tweet: «A New Welcome: Activists Launch Home Placement Service For Refugees In Germany And Austria #News #Change #Help».

2) Another group of 50 bots, which are united by the fact that they were created February 14, 2014 in the time interval from 6:02:00 to 6:24:00, published on August 31 at 17:26:08 the same Message «#hot Football Fans in Germany Unite with 'Refugees Welcome' Message #prebreak #best». (Football fans in Germany support the slogan "Refugees Welcome"). Their mestoracpolozhenie could not be determined.

Two Anglo-Saxon Allies deliberately invited the refugees last week to ... Germany!
Photo: REUTERS [Image not included in this republication]

- Well hidden!

3) 95 bots, September 1 at 07:29 publish the message "German Soccer Fans Welcome Refugees Amid Ongoing Crisis: As Europe faces the challenge of a wave of migration ... " "German football fans: Welcome Refugees! "

All these bots come from United States, Texas, Dallas. It belongs to a very interesting resource «Media for Social and Cultural Impact» - Media for the social and cultural impact.

4) August 29 at 23:02, another group of 80 bots publish the same message «Thousands Welcome Refugees to Germany at Dresden Rally: Thousands of people took to the streets of the German city of Dresden on Satu ...». Identify regional nature of this group of robots is not possible.

Examples bots again goes on and on. The most curious readers of "Komsomolskaya Pravda" can test their detective skills in Twitter.

It is important to note that each original tweet Refugee exponentially immediately acquires a large number of retweets. As the nuclear reaction. Thread a masthead as kindly tells the same Twitter!

There is an illusion that Twitter harmless. Well, think of just 140 characters that can I say ?! This is a big misconception. Twitter - a serious impact on people's arms. It is massively used in the "color revolutions" in the same "Arab Spring" to raise people, especially young people, to overthrow the government. And in Tunisia, and Egypt, Yemen, Libya ...

- To bring the people to the streets for specific addresses, 140 characters is more than enough.

- In Libya, by the way, NATO has used Twitter to coordinate military action against Gaddafi. It was created by a number of special accounts where they sent the information. Goes nondescript man on a camel, he sees several government tanks Gaddafi. Immediately send tweets with geo-referenced to within a few meters. And go home. And the tanks of NATO missiles hit soon.

This time, Twitter is used as a tool for the mass withdrawal of people in other countries. Arrange with the help of a new Great Migration.

Braking German locomotive

- What a great suit, "relocation", "invasion"?

- Here it is difficult to give a definite answer. I can only assume.

On the one hand, the Germans, who still suffer guilt for World War II. Wishing to atone for the sins of parents and grandparents create hothouse conditions for truly unfortunate of the hot spots in Africa and the Middle East. To once again prove to the world community, they say, they - not the Nazis.

- Yes, they drove deep sense of guilt!

- Refugees should not be confused with migrants, as are different categories of people. On the subject of refugees simplified registration form, receipt of social benefits and housing.

On the other hand, social networks and media used in order to direct the flow of refugees is in Germany, which is already groaning from this disaster, and even threatened to suspend the Schengen agreement.

In short, enjoy the German guilt complex.

Against the background of this blatant mockery looks posts that «US to admit 1,500 Syrian refugees by end of September» (US let in 1500 Syrian refugees by the end of September) or «US to Accept 5,000 to 8,000 Syrian Refugees Next Year» (the US takes from 5000 to 8,000 Syrian refugees in the next year). After all, today, every day of the German border crossing several thousand refugees.

The newly arrived claim their rights. Requires the provision of comfortable housing. Refugees well exist on benefits paid to them and do not tend to get a job and integrate into German culture.

There is a growing crime - rape, theft, murder, robbery, distribution of drugs. Along with the wave of refugees arriving and Adventure LIH ...

No need for a highly developed imagination to extrapolate this trend into the future.

From Germany, we knew it, we can say goodbye forever. None of those who came there and began to receive benefits, will never return to Libya, Syria, Iraq, and the list goes on.

- Until recently it said that the German authorities will take until the end of the year 800 thousand. Now projected to increase to one million! This year alone.

- This will inevitably lead and already leads to the growing influence of right-wing parties. A growing number of their supporters begin burning placement of refugees being beaten. Since the refugees - it's mostly young people who are good, much better than German natives, speak with knives and other weapons, they will resist. Already, they blocked the road and claim their rights. Further more. You can expect to destabilize the internal situation in Germany. Inevitable conflicts on religious, ethnic or cultural grounds. How not to recall the prophetic books of Helena Chudinova "The Mosque of Notre Dame."

Germany called the locomotive of the European Union, which is going through hard times. The destruction of Germany - is the destruction of the EU and all of Europe. Is not this is the purpose of the hegemon of the ocean and its loyal ally - Britain, which, though in Europe, but on the island? Finally, the weakening of the United States of Europe is advantageous, as would lead to capital flows, will support its economy and for some time to retain world leadership. At the same time it will be a blow to Russia, as soon as a gamble with Ukraine failed.

One can only wish that the forecasts have not come true, but it hurts all converge at one point.

From the Files of "KP".

Shalak Vladimir Ivanovich, Doctor of Philosophy. Senior Researcher, Institute of Philosophy. Creator and leader of Baal. For 20 years, participates in the content analyzes of various issues.



September 23, Vladimir Shalak speaking at a seminar at the Institute of Philosophy Academy of Sciences report "Social networks as a tool for the design of migration." Beginning at 17.00. Free admission. Address: Str. Volkhonka d.14.str. 5. 2nd floor. M. "Kropotkinskaya".


Austria is bracing for an influx of 10,000 refugees as Europe's increasingly divided countries step up efforts to push the wave of desperate humanity on to their neighbours.

Truly amazing to read about the inflated sense of entitlement held by these people, many of whom have probably badmouthed the West for most of their lives! The UN Refugee Convention, no doubt has given an assumed entitlement to access open borders of Europe, and become "refugees". It turns out that only 21% of these so called migrants are Syrian, so 60 to roughly 80% are not even syrian,these are migrants from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Eritrea, Cameroun, Nigeria, Somalia ie the 3rd world. They are using the media coverage, and the chaos, to join in the mayhem.

None of the Arab states has offered to take in their Muslim brothers and sisters- neither Saudi Arabia or the UAE/Dubai, Abu Dhabi etc. has offered to take in these refugees. They are some of the wealthiest nations in the world, but do offer to fund the building of Mosques in Germany!

This seems to fit in with the idea that some people are deliberately waging a demographic war, and using worldwide movement of people to target specific peoples.

This seems to make sense, but I'll reserve drawing conclusion, because if this is true, it would mean politically speaking, that the resolution is to literally throw the elite of these nations who orchestrate these into the docks. This is quite a severe accusation.

The Syrian crisis has been going for years. It is simply untrue that it has suddenly come about, but this is the picture the media is painting. An 'urgent' crisis.

The boy who was photographed drowned was living in Turkey for years. People have been fleeing conflict in Syria for months, years now.

But now, all of a sudden, there is an influx of people, media attention, governments and media personnel beating the drums of war.

In early September there were articles in the Guardian and the Huffington Post on UN funds for refugees running out.

"UN agencies 'broke and failing' in face of ever-growing refugee crisis: Damage will be impossible to reverse, warns head of UNHCR, after 10% fall in funding forces cuts to food rations and closure of clinics. ..This year the World Food Programme cut rations to 1.6 million Syrian refugees. The most vulnerable living in Lebanon now only have $13 to spend on food each month, a figure that the WFP warned would leave refugees vulnerable to recruitment by extremist groups." (Guardian

"UN Text Messages Over 200,000 Syrian Refugees: Food Aid To Be Cut Off. How You Can Help
“We have been forced to make some very difficult decisions."
More than 200,000 Syrian refugees living in Jordan learned via text message that the U.N. food aid they rely on to survive is getting completely cut. The World Food Program has been warning since as early as last summer that a funding crisis has stretched the organization thin, and has caused the group to cut back on resources it can offer Syrian refugees in Jordan. But refugees say the latest announcement caught them completely off guard. “What shall I do? Sell myself or sell my three girls?” Om Rabab, a refugee who goes by a pseudonym for security reasons, told BuzzFeed. Earlier this month, 229,000 refugees who live in urban communities in Jordan, were notified that they would lose out entirely on their food vouchers. They had been receiving $14 per month, and now they will not receive any assistance from WFP, Julie Marshall, Canadian spokesperson for WFP, told The Huffington Post......" (Huffington Post:

Here's the fix: Meanwhile, the EU has presented Turkey with a proposal of 1 billion euros in aid for the expenses incurred by the 2 million refugees.
EU Commissioner for European Neighborhood Policy and Enlargement Negotiations Johannes Hahn said in a press conference on Thursday that the commission wants to help Turkey with the expenses of caring for the nearly 2 million refugees it currently hosts.
In order to receive the aid, Turkey will be required to comply with guidelines set forth by the EC, including the profiling of all refugees that enter the country for easy identification, should they ever face deportation by European Union officials

Here's the fix: Meanwhile, the EU has presented Turkey with a proposal of 1 billion euros in aid for the expenses incurred by the 2 million refugees.

EU Commissioner for European Neighborhood Policy and Enlargement Negotiations Johannes Hahn said in a press conference on Thursday that the commission wants to help Turkey with the expenses of caring for the nearly 2 million refugees it currently hosts.

In order to receive the aid, Turkey will be required to comply with guidelines set forth by the EC, including the profiling of all refugees that enter the country for easy identification, should they ever face deportation by European Union officials

And other costs?

Logically there should be huge taxes on weapons manufacturers, sales and onsales.

The countries who were most vocal in advocating intervention in this region should pay, not only to support refugees, but money to the local people to rebuild. Obviously the United States, the EU, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey. Israel should be in there somewhere too.

Who have I missed?

What the Turkish president was effectively doing was funding IS with one hand, while absorbing and supporting the refugees fleeing from it with the other. Erdogan believed that the larger the number of displaced Syrians, the better his chances of convincing the international community of the need to enforce a no-fly zone across northern Syria, where the refugees could ostensibly be settled. To ensure that this would become the preferred solution, the Turkish authorities made it difficult for refugees, now numbering close to 2 million, to leave for third countries. As their numbers in Turkey reached a critical mass," NATO member stateswould be more likely to act, Erdogan had hoped.The body of Aylan al-Kurdi, 3, washed up on the shore of Bodrum, Turkey, in early September after the boat he was in with his parents capsized en route to Europe. His aunt has said that the family took the deadly journey because the United Nations had refused to grant them refugee status, and Turkish authorities had refused to grant them exit visas.