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Frankston bandicoot expert, Hans Brunner on ABC Sunday 22nd of Feb 7 pm NEWS.

See new ABC report about this here. The ABC has interviewed Hans Brunner about the problems of bandicoots in Victoria. The interview will be screened on Sunday 22 February 2016 on the 7pm news, we believe. (The schedule changed from this Sunday.) Hans Brunner is well-known to professional ecologists and wildlife enthusiasts in Frankston and the Mornington Peninsula, where he has continually championed the rights of bandicoots to safe habitat in the face of ever-increasing obstacles and stone-walling by government. Hans continues to be involved in the defense of preserving a full natural ecology in Frankston.

The inventor of a revolutionary hair identification system, Hans is known nationally as a key expert witness on dingo hair identification in the Azaria Chamberlain appeal case which freed Lindy Chamberlain. Among other cases, Hans is known internationally for his work to identify the nature of hair samples linked to the Orang Pendek, a mysterious upright ape or hominid sighted in Sumatra.

Hans is the author of Hans Brunner and Brian J. Coman, The identification of mammalian hair, 1974 and Hans Brunner and Barbara Triggs,Hair ID : an interactive tool for identifying Australian mammalian hair, 2002.

Pictures in this article were provided to Hans by the ABC.


I watched the segment on the bandicoots on ABC news last night. The ABC audience was told that an expensive overpass was constructed near The Pines to save the Bandicoots from traffic from a new road. Part of the plan included a fox- proof fence but this was not built. The bandicoots have now all gone from the area.- local extinction. Now due to urban sprawl the mammals are threatened in other parts of Melbourne's south-east growth corridor. This threat could be mitigated by allowing wild life corridors. The current state government has declared this not to be cost effective. Would that be because they cannot install tolls points at the start of the corridor because the bandicoots can't pay? How does one measure "cost effectiveness" in these matters?

Ironically, the demise of bandicoots is happening in MP Greg Hunt's electorate, the Minister of Environment! "The Best Minister in the World" as recently declared! There are no benefits to creating wildlife corridors through the urban sprawl, it's been declared, and they will end up gone- no protection for endangered species in Australia. Housing and urban sprawl will continue, unabated and lethally destroying bandicoot habitat, adding to our extermination of wildlife species in Australia.