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Population stampedes: Why does Soros push open borders?

In Australia ordinary environmentalists have seen a rising resistance to the protection of our natural environment from the very people they thought they could rely on – The Australian Greens and various big environmental NGOs. There has been a similar strange distancing from representing the economic and social interests of ordinary Australians. Among spokespeople for the Greens, this resistance has manifested as a militant effort to support Lib/Lab policy of massive population growth through planned and commercial immigration by conflating refugees with ordinary immigrants, and calling any attempt to reign in immigration "racist". Currency speculator, George Soros, was long suspected to be the source of this creeping political confusion. The hacking of the multi-billionaire’s Open Societies files has recently confirmed him to be the organising force for the new-age ideology of open borders and the illogical stigmatisation of all care for national interests and cohesion.

What motivates George Soros, the multibillionaire, to prosecute open borders? Much has been written about George Soros and his multipronged attempts to subvert national political processes. Many have suggested that he is psychopathic, enjoys chaos, and makes money out of what he does – but, as someone wrote:

“The Soros tentacles reach far and wide thanks to his great wealth and ability to keep himself behind the curtain. It would take an especially gifted forensic accountant to sort out all of the various interconnections among the major foundations and their smaller satellites[…]” [1]

Here are the results of some well-known investigations:

“Convicted in France of insider trading, Soros specializes in weakening or collapsing the currencies of entire nations for his own selfish interests. He is known as the man who broke the Bank of England.” [2]

Soros is a partner in the Carlyle Group.

“The Carlyle Group makes most of its money from weapons expenditures. The money we are talking about is over $193 billion. The more wars we fight, the more profits they make.” [3]

Soros invested millions in in the United States. waged a campaign to bring Cheney’s Haliburton shares into disfavour associated with disapproval of the war on Iraq. Soros bought almost 2000 shares of the deflated stock (bringing them to form over 2% of his total stock portfolio). Moveon stopped talking about the war. Haliburton shares regained value, and Soros resold them for nearly $40m profit. [4]

Currency trading and political instability

Soros is a currency trader and currency traders make money out of political instability, which affects currency values.
[Soros] has been blamed for providing funding for several revolutions in which his preferred people took power. See ” Top 5 Revolutions Backed by George Soros”, (2011).

He subsidises a number of ‘humanitarian’ organisations which have taken the ‘rebel’ [fundamentalist] side in Syria. These activities go back a long way and have been monitored for decades.

“Soros is intimately involved in HRW (Human Rights Watch) .. HRW and OSI (Open Society Institute) are close. One of Soros’ most influential institutions is the International Crisis Group, founded in 1986. ICG is headed by individuals from the very center of political and corporate power. Its board includes Zbigniew Brzezinski, Morton Abramowitz, former U.S. Assistant Secretary of State; Wesley Clark, former NATO Supreme Allied Commander for Europe; and Richard Allen, former U.S. National Security Adviser. Allen is noteworthy for quitting Nixon’s National Security Council out of disgust with the liberal tendencies of Henry Kissinger.” (Source: Heather cottin article at George Soros: Imperial Wizard/Double Agent, Covert Action Quarterly, December 9, 2003.)

“When Soros gets hold of power in any government, he makes money. It is difficult to find examples of Soros invasions that leave the target country better off.”( Tiz, Joy. It's Not Easy Being God: The Real George Soros (p. 31). Hero's Prose, LLC. Kindle Edition.) is currently (2016 US Elections) advertising for organisers to push a line that Trump is a racist etc.

You could follow up a myriad of interference patterns and find possible financial outcomes, but why does Soros need to finance failing political parties and insignificant minorities in order to train up salespeople? Why does he need to push open borders, popularise mass immigration, overuse the notion of racism, and make 'islamophobia' a household word?

The real game

Maybe the real game is just open borders and mass immigration. But why would a businessman be so keen to open borders and suppress objections to mass immigration?
Well, the name of the game is population growth. You see, it isn't sufficient just to have a big population. In fact a big population, whilst having intrinsic problems, will ultimately develop steady demand rather than growth in demand. The key to driving growth in demand is to drive population growth, but if you really want to push demand up, you need to stampede populations. You need to bomb people and destroy peoples' economies and dispossess rural populations in one place, then destroy objections to their entry in another place. You need to stuff up the economy here, so that people will move over there. You need to dispossess rural populations and attract them to cities, encourage them to marry and have children until their cities are overpopulated, and then you need people to come and recruit them to somewhere where the grass is greener.

People think that immigration is only about moving people, that the things around them stay the same. But cities, homes, roads and cars do not move with the immigrants; the country they get to has to supply those things. So, if you are a corporation that invests in financing, supplying materials to, or providing infrastructure or a peak-body for such corporations, your mission will be to influence any political process, institution or person that you can to bring about more people-turnover.

Left and Right

Left and right have been accusing eachother of assisting corporatisation, high immigration and environmental destruction for some time now. Most people who identify as left or right won't realise this though, because wedge politics punish anyone from either side that tries to take a look for themselves at what the other side is doing.
However, if you do take a look, you will hear from the Libs that it is Labour that is causing all the environmental destruction, overdevelopment and high immigration. From Labor you will hear that it is a corporatist plot by the Libs to destroy labour laws, bring in cheap labour and dig up the environment. Both are telling a captive audience similar stories while both privatise public goods, invest in land-speculation, property development and mortgage finance.

In fact, Soros covers both Left and Right territory. That is a reason that it is so confusing to try to analyse why the stuff he advocates is all bad. You have to agree with some of it.

The creation of a false-left

It is a problem that most of the literature that exposes Soros comes from the right because people on the left are disinclined to read it. However Soros is just as dangerous for the left. In fact, through his funding he has created a false left by pushing some defensible human rights causes to the exclusion of basic civil rights. This left has become so distracted by Soros’s favorite causes: refugees, multiculturalism, top-down regulation on climate change, same-sex marriage, colour revolutions, that it has become silent on the illegal wars that create the refugees by destroying stable governments, silent about the globalisation of cheap labour and the deterioration of national industrial laws, silent on overpopulation, silent on the paving over of wildlife habitat with new suburbs, silent on citizens rights.

You can see why it is easier for the right to criticise Soros than it is for the left. It is politically problematic for the left to criticise itself publicly. It is also traumatic for members to question it internally, due to the presence of Sorosian guardians who will punish dissenters, such as those who recently expelled one of the Greens for demanding that they deal with population. How does Labor go about criticising Bill Shorten's involvement with the Soros funded organisation, GetUp, when Shorten controls the factions? What about the unions that shared Shorten's board presence at GetUp? See, "Australian democracy swiss-cheesed by George Soros Open Societies Foundations."

SOROS Media influence may rival Murdoch’s

Soros is able to control public debate by controlling major portions of the media.

Soros’s media influence:

“Only a small fraction of the media—often referred to as alternative—are willing to examine the actual facts about the mysterious man who became leader of the free world. Talk radio and independent bloggers have become the modern version of Nazi resistors with their chain letters and ham radios. Why is it that without the blogosphere, there would be no discussion of George Soros and his full-scale war on the United States?" Joy Tiz, It’s not easy being God: The real George Soros, 2010, Hero’s Prose, LLC Palm Desert, California 92260 ISBN-13: 978-0-61541-473-7, page 23-24.


An article well written Sheila, I have long mulled over what's left and right and where neoliberalism falls in this picture. I definitely agree with you about the false left where Labour have abandoned their grass roots, but then again, so to have the Liberals who are now, I believe either neo-conservatives or ultra right wing conservatives (which may be the same depending on whether you use butter or marge).

I get some incredulous looks when I talk to people about matters not being a matter of left or right, it's about whether the matter of it neoliberal or not. I blame the mainstream media for this because they are still rooted in the 20th century in their ideology which where neoliberalism is, we are now in the 21st and we need to move on. The damage caused by neoliberalism needs to be corrected so humanity can learn to live with one another again.

We're not going to get this from our current major political parties unless there's a dramatic role reversal and the Greens have done a bunk or should that be funk which fittingly describes our Prime Minister, so we've got to do it ourselves. It's bit like being down on the farm, if you want a job done, you've got to get off your arse and do it yourself!!

Another begging and bragging letter from GetUp.

The bastards want even more unjustified profile as they con the simple-minded that they actually represent them.

"Work to cultivate and boost GetUp's profile in mainstream media outlets and ensure GetUp is a powerful and respected commentator on Australian politics. Tell the stories of GetUp's campaign victories in the media to drown out the criticisms from politcians. Build a world class communications team to lead this work."

They've posted a photograph that presumably portrays one of their hirelings on a Q&A panel. It is obvious that Soros has infiltrated the ABC and that would account for its promotion of the growth lobby corporates, open-borders, refugees and identity politics ad-nauseum to the exclusion of any wider subject. GetUp is obviously a major inhibitor of Australian democracy, having infiltrated the Greens and the Labor Party. We should not trust it with our personal information or with public power.

"Soros And MasterCard Join Forces To Profit From Immigration
Radical currency speculator George Soros is scheming to profit from the illegal immigration crises in the United States and the European Union that he was instrumental in creating.

Soros traffics in revolution and human misery. His devious business deals have brought the financial systems of the United Kingdom and Malaysia to their knees. Soros helped finance the 1989 "Velvet Revolution" in then-Czechoslovakia. He acknowledged having orchestrated coups in Croatia, Georgia, Slovakia, and Yugoslavia.

Soros hates America. “The main obstacle to a stable and just world order is the United States,” he has said. Soros praises Communist China effusively and has said the totalitarian nation—which cuts babies in unauthorized pregnancies from the wombs of their mothers, tortures and kills religious dissenters, and runs over eminent domain resisters with steam-rollers—has “a better-functioning government than the United States.” In the U.S. he has financed the violent, politically destabilizing Occupy Wall Street and Black Lives Matter movements.

Now the preeminent funder of border-busting campaigns in the U.S. and overseas has entered into a partnership with credit card giant MasterCard Inc. to create something called Humanity Ventures."

More here:

Soros may have done many of these things, but how does one fund the Occupy Wall Street movement? He may have promoted it for his own reasons, but no-one funded it.