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Has western media bias spread to RT America in anti-Trump shows, despite Hillary's anti-Putin spin?

During the recent United States' presidential election campaign almost the entire mainstream was heavily biased against Donald Trump, and in favour of Hillary Clinton. Surprisingly, given Hillary Clinton's repeated claim that Donald Trump was a puppet of Vladimir Putin, the Russian news service RT America was also strongly biased against Donald Trump. Whilst it would be wrong to conclude from this that Clinton was actually Putin's puppet, rather than Trump, how was it possible for a Russian taxpayer-funded news service to act against Russia's own interests by promoting the russophobic Clinton?

Presenters Tyrel Ventura and Tabetha Wallace and their guest, Ed Schultz, presenter of RT America's news service, were savagely critical of Donald Trump in their show Now on to election night: 3rd and final debate with Ed Schultz (21/10/16). Guest, Ed Schultz, predicted that Donald Trump would lose. Whilst I thought, as did many American voters, that Donald Trump clearly won the third Presidential election debate, as well as the second, all three in that discussion on Watching the hawks agreed that he had lost that debate. (There was a small facade of criticism of Clinton from Schultz and Ventura, possibly because they may well have understood that failure to see some fault in Clinton could have caused their credibility to suffer too much.)

Also mirroring the mainstream media's 'reporting' and commentary, the rest of RT America spent nearly all of its coverage of the election attacking the alleged bigotry, racism, xenophobia, and temperamentalism of Donald Trump, whilst omitting discussion of the substantial policies, both domestic and international, that were at stake, and ignoring the mountain of evidence that should have damned Hillary Clinton years ago.

That evidence includes Hillary Clinton's complicity, since 1990, in the deaths of hundreds of thousands in Central Asia, the Middle East and the former republics of Yugoslavia, plus the cover-up of sexual misconduct and rape allegations against her husband, the former United States' President, Bill Clinton.

RT America programs, which, in this way, also sided with Clinton, include News with Ed Schultz, Lee Camp's 'comedy' show Redacted Tonight and Watching the Hawks.

In an example of Redacted Tonight,"Trump cabinet is horrifying, get rid of Electoral College, and TPP is dead," (19/11/16), the promotional summary states:

In this week's episode of Redacted Tonight, Lee Camp covers the latest news on Trump’s cabinet, which already has people panicking. What should we fear most about Trump's cabinet picks? Is he really draining the swamp?

In what seems like an attempt to cover their tracks following Donald Trump's victory, Ed Schultz and the producers of Watching the Hawks now appear to be backing away from the pro-Clinton bias they displayed during the election campaign. However, Redacted Tonight and The Big Picture continue their savage attacks on Donald Trump. Post-election examples of this in The Big Picture include: Why Trump's cabinet is a basket of deplorables (21/10/16) and Will Tulsi Gabbard go from Bernie to Trump?.

Comments after the second show listed above include:

"Is Thom channeling George Soros now? Honestly, he used to have quite an amusing program due to allowing some intelligent and witty right wingers on his panel. Now it is all straight propaganda for the faux left."

"Yep. The show is embarrassing."


"RT should bin 'The Big Picture'. The episode with Lawson and Badawi was truly awful. If we wanted to listen to all this rabid globalist propaganda we could tune in to any of the mainstream media news channels. RT should be presenting the benefits of a MULTI-POLAR globe, not pushing the narratives of the American globalisers. What next? Is RT planning on promoting the Democrats view that the US should punish Russia for existing?"

Quite possibly Thom Hartmann and Lee Camp are banking that the various moves now underway in America to overturn Donald Trump's victory and declare Hillary Clinton President will succeed and restore some of their credibility.

The Russian government set up RT back in 2005. It recognised that it had failed to challenge the Western mainstream media's narrative about the former Yugoslav republic of Serbia. The lack of any strong media to challenge those western media lies then had permitted the United States and its European allies to bomb that country and overthrow its government in 1999.

Since then, RT and other national news services such as Iran's PressTV have helped to counter the Western mainstream media's lying narrative on Libya, Syria, Ukraine, and Yemen. Perhaps in part, consequently, the United States' and its allies' regime-change plans for Syria and Yemen have yet to succeed. These plans have also to contend with the support of the Russian air force, the Lebanese Hezbollah movement and Iran for Syria, along with the resilience of the Syrian people themselves.

RT should not rest on its laurels, however. Its success invites subversion. The apparent (failed) attempt by RT America to make Hillary Clinton President of the United States illustrates that RT America should be thoroughly overhauled with new journalists and a charter that requires RT America to give both sides of the story wherever that story is seriously disputed.

The same comment applies, of course, to the mainstream western media.


The above article was adapted from a comment posted by 'Don't Get Fooled Again' beneath an article worth reading, Trump's Media Summit Was a 'F−−−ing Firing Squad' (22/11/16) by Emily Smith and Daniel Happer | Information Clearing House.

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Paul Craig Roberts writes

Apparently the Russian news site and the Green Party candidate want a vote recount that could remove "peace with Russia" Trump and install "nuclear war with Russia" Hillary:

Small excerpts from the article and visitor's comments follow. - Ed


EXCLUSIVE: Jill Stein Tells Sputnik About Vote Recount Campaign


Stein's online campaign has spread like wildfire, and has already raised well over the $2.2 million formally needed to file for a recount in the three key states ahead of deadlines on November 25, 28 and 30. Other costs associated with the recount, including attorney's fees and statewide recount observers are expected to run anywhere from $6-7 million. Accordingly, Stein's campaign is asking for at least $4.5 million, having already raised $3.7 million as of 2 pm EST.

That figure officially surpasses the $3.509 million the Green Party candidate raised during her presidential run. Stein received 1.39 million votes, or just over 1% of the popular vote, in the election held earlier this month.



Justin Case

Soros has another useful idiot on the pay roll! Seeing as the machines were reported to be changing the vote from Trump to Clinton will they prosecute Killary for electoral fraud?

Rowena Millis

Absolutely, it's Clinton/Soros money Stein is using this money and being used as a decoy
It's the REAL powers behind Clinton - the globalists and US banksters/corporations that will NOT allow their pre-eminance be questioned. Soros is but one of them.


Ann Lambert · Davis County Community High School

You're a liar. Hillary made a deal with you to help her out. Go to hell bitch. You'd better never run for anything again. You want to get into bed with hillary, then you're a pariah just like her,

Stein, you're a Hillary shill. You never had a chance and you won't have a chance even IF you won a state or two, You had single-digit votes. Shut up and stop trying to help Hillary overthrow our democracy and the will of the people.


Update, 18 October 2017 : This morning I found my comment was no longer on that page linked to below. I posted another comment to ask the web-site administrator if he/she really intended to delete my post. - James

The following was posted as a comment in response to Trump: no collusion with Russia; Russiagate investigations should end (17/10/17) by Alexander Mercouris | The Duran :

United States President Donald Trump said, "So there has been absolutely no collusion. It’s been stated that they have no collusion. They ought to get to the end of it because I think the American public is sick of it."

In Australia, thanks to the ABC's [1] 4 Corners, we know better. As shown on Hillary Clinton: The Interview - Four Corners (16/10/17) "4 Corners" presenter Sarah Ferguson and her guest Hillary Clinton, the disinformation fed to American voters by RT and Sputnik sufficiently confused enough American voters to cause Donald Trump to win as Russian President Vladimir Putin had planned:

SARAH FERGUSON: Hello and welcome to 4 corners.

This evening we bring you the first Australian interview with Hillary Clinton since her shock defeat by Donald Trump in last year's Presidential Election....and the release of her book "What Happened?"


[Hiliary Clinton]'s been grappling with it ever since, watching as the man who openly derided her as "crooked Hillary" has come under scrutiny from multiple investigations into HOW THE RUSSIAN SECRET SERVICE ATTEMPTED TO INFLUENCE THE ELECTION and whether they acted in collusion with the Trump campaign.

SF: ... Do you feel guilty for losing [the Presidential election]?

HC: ... I knew it would be hard, I knew it would be close, but I did not know that I would be running against ah not only Trump ah but the FBI Director and VLADIMIR PUTIN, ...


HC: I think ah Russia affected ah the ah perceptions and views of millions of voters we now know.

I think that ah their intention coming from the very top with Putin ah was to hurt me and to help Trump.

How, how much of that was a personal vendetta by Vladimir Putin against you?

HC: Look I, I I mean our intelligence community and other observers of Russia and Putin have said he held a grudge against me because as Secretary of State I stood up against ah some of ah his actions, his authoritarianism, ah but it's much bigger than that.

I mean he wants to destabilise democracy, he wants to ah undermine America, he wants to go after the Atlantic alliance and we consider Australia kind of a, an extension of that.


MORE SERIOUSLY: nowhere in this does Hillary Clinton provide a single cited example of disinformation from any of the Russian newsmedia [2] for which she blames for her defeat, nor does Sarah Ferguson mention the savage bias AGAINST Donald Trump of all of the American Corporate Newsmedia (with the one exception of Fox News). You can view the whole 45 minute Four Corners episode at the link provided above.


[1] Australian Broadcasting Corporation

[2] In fact, during the 2016 election, RT America, bizarrely TOOK SIDES AGAINST DONALD TRUMP by ridiculing him whilst failing to prominently critique Hillary Clinton's appalling record (see "Has western media bias spread to RT America in anti-Trump shows, despite Hillary's anti-Putin spin?" at (this article) adapted from comment at