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Galaxy Poll finds overwhelming support for Dick Smith on population

Dick Smith commissioned a Galaxy poll to assess both the impact of his $1 million TV ad campaign based on the Grim Reaper AIDS ad of the 1980s, and community attitudes towards Australia’s developed-world-leading immigration-fueled rapid population growth. The sample comprised 1,005 respondents, distributed throughout Australia including both capital city and non-capital city areas – the report is attached. The main findings of the poll were:

 The majority of Australians (83%) believe that population growth is of such significant consequence that every major political party should have a population plan.
 There is an overwhelming belief that politicians should be doing something about population growth (82%).
 Population growth is an issue of concern for the majority of supporters of both the Coalition (62%) and the Labor Party (62%).
 Among those that have seen the TV ad 91% are convinced that every major political party should have a population plan.

Poll confirms that Smith understands what ordinary Australians want

Dicks Smith said “This just confirms that what I’ve found from the conversations I’ve had with ordinary Australians: 8/10 are concerned that the major political parties have no population plan.” Dick Smith said “Aussie families can have up to 20 kids during their lifetime, but none do. This is because parents have a population plan for the number of children they can give a decent life to. Yet our politicians have no similar plan for our country. It’s time for a population plan that involves stabilising Australia’s population below 30 million by reducing the net overseas migration program down from the current 200,000 back to the long-term average of 70,000 per annum.”

Is Dick Smith the last good rich man in Australia?

Or will some other wealthy people come out in support of democracy too? It is admirable that Dick Smith really seems to be on a truth-seeking mission. He has refused to be put down by the ABC propaganda dogs at The Drum and Media Watch and he has financed a proper survey which has shown his support base is very high. His detractors have greatly underestimated him. Is Dick Smith the last good rich man in Australia, a country run by wealthy men and women politicians, CEOs, property developers, transnational corporations and media owners, entirely for their own enrichment, at great cost to the rest of us.

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Maybe those us so incensed by sheer ignorance and bastardry of the mainstream media, politicians, property developers and their ilk could write: "No more rampant immigration for Australia" across our postal vote for Same Sex Marriage!

Not a bad idea, John. Pity you did not start a campaign on this a few weeks earlier. Certainly would have added even more spice to the disagreements on both sides. We really have so few outlets. Wish we could think of a more visible (to everyone) way of protesting. I've always wanted someone to organise picket lines against mass immigration outside all major airports in Australia on the same day and make it drag on for weeks.

Although done on a world scale and some 14 months old from Ipsos Global throws up some interesting information. To the very basic question "Immigrants make you country a more interesting place to live?" 48% of Australians answered yes. The second question "Immigration has placed too much pressure on public services in your country?" had 51% of Australians agreeing with only some 20% disagreeing.

None of this, of course is news to Candobetter commentators and readers, but the article did field comments from both Bob Carr and Dick Smith. Nick O'Malley and Matt Wade have done a far better job of tackling the immigration issue in Australia than did the ABC. Although I disagree with the comment attributed to David Elliott of Ipsos Global that "Australia bucks the trend in this regard". Given the frame in which the question was asked, the poll is consistent with what we already know.

Probably the most disappointing aspect of the piece was the failure to understand how high immigration rates affect the economy which of course is disastrous. However, hopefully this is start to a longer conversation Australians need to have in the future.