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Soviet Union of America - RT debate on growing media suppression in US

We live in increasingly 'interesting' times. US Journalists and government employees are afraid to criticise their government's outrageously authoritarian move against one media outlet, because they are afraid of being harassed themselves. According to the US Department of Justice, RT is an agent of a foreign, even hostile, power. All the while, the United States Department Of Justice refuses to explain why this is the case or even cite what laws RT may have broken. But something else is in play: critics warn RT is a test case for a wider campaign of media suppression. The UK is following suit, with parliamentarians attacking journalists who write against its illegal foreign wars, because they are afraid of being pursued one day for war crimes. Julian Assange has rightly described Australia as being governed by Washington, so we Australians had better look out and stand up and defend RT and anyone who writes a different point of view.

CrossTalking with Lee Stranahan, Rocky Anderson and Marcus Papadopoulos.

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An extremely interesting and informative discussion that exposes the mainstream media for what they really are - mouthpieces for the oligarchs and their puppet governments. It's time for those of us who want the truth to seek out the truth and if that be from RT, The Conversation, Candobetter, The Point, BuzzFeed or wherever.

This year I've personally given away watching 4Corners, Media Watch and Q&A and considering stopping my deliveries of The Age and even the local papers the Riv Herald and Ky Free Press which have become mouth pieces for the National Party which of course is a bastion of neo-conservatism.

Thanks for reading it John and I'm glad you appreciated it. I feel the same way about 4Corners most of the time. Media Watch is worse than a joke; it seems hopelessly contrived and dishonest; a kind of tragi-comedy in its desperate search for tiny transgressions whilst steadfastly ignoring herds of elephants overrunning the 4th estate. Q&A is a source of constant wonder in its ability to find gullible audiences, although I must admit I enjoy some of the drama and often find the apparently sincere politicians hilarious. In the last one I watched Kevin Rudd performed like a circus elephant. I almost began to like him for his brash failure to ever stay down when knocked out. He is to blame, of course, along with recent successive prime ministers, for the continuous grotesque inflation of Australia's population ponzi which is making our wildlife miserable and threatens to destroy the rest of us.

Oh, and I used to, decades ago, enjoy reading the Letters in the Age, but I think it was in the 1980s that they began to cut them down from nice long interesting ones to 300 words and now probably less. And when I realised that the Age and the Australian were the owners of massive property dot coms I began to see through them. Then they just got worse and worse with syndicated nonsense and always propping up wars. Really, I feel as if the Nazis have taken over and run the military industrial media complex. Sadly.