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Victorian State Library 6pm tonight: Hands off Syria Vigil - please come and show your support!

Let's avoid World War Three and bring justice, light and humanity to reporting on Syria and stop the lying deeds of US-NATO.

Time: 6:30pm
Place: State Library of Victoria
Date: 30th April 2018
Organisers: Hands Off Syria (Sydney) is coordinating with a group of activists and Syrians to organise a rally in Melbourne.

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The rally was large and effective. I think I counted more than 100 participants. Most passers-by were interested and many showed support. Sadly none of us brought along any leaflets. Had we handed out leaflets with:

1. An outline of the most basic facts about Syria and the conflict;
2. Information about resources about Syria on the Internet; and
3. Details of how interested people could contact us;

...we could have had a much more lasting impact on the people of Melbourne.

Another great online resource about Syria is aka "The rabit Hole". It's most recent article is "Syria: Music Therapy Heals War Wounds" (24/5/18) at . Sarah Abed's aritcles have also been published on .

I attended this event with a digital camcorder, but it broke down. I took photographs using a phone and obtained some from another attendee, but never reported on the event. The reason was protracted illness in the family which recently concluded in death and all the reorganising of household, effects, and emotions that follows. Unfortunately, this long awaited Melbourne protest on behalf of Syria thus failed to be covered. I am very sorry.