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Video with map: Update of Geopolitics of war in Syria by Kevork Almassian

Kevork Almassian shows us on a coloured map with symbols who is occupying what in Syria at the moment, and discusses the Syrian Government's policy.


The following was posted in response to Russia wants Israel, Iran to show restraint in Syria (11/5/18) | Al Masdar News:

These utterances by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov are most bizarre:

"In our contacts with the Iranian leadership and the leadership of Israel ... we emphasized the need for avoiding any mutually provoking moves," Lavrov said.

These words run counter to the Russian military actions against the terrorists since 2016, for which Syria, and all of humanity, still owes Russia an enormous debt of gratitude.

This statement seems to equate Israel's repeated acts of aggression against Syria in recent years with the military aid given to Syria by Iran. Would Lavrov have preferred Iran and the Lebanese Hezbollah to have abandoned the Syrian people? By one estimate from many months ago, 400,000 Syrians including 80,00 from the army have been killed by the terrorists? How many more Syrians does Lavrov think should have died?

Israel fraudulently claims to be indifferent to the terrorist war in neighbouring Syria (See, for example, this interview with Israeli Lieutenant-colonel Reuven Ben-Shalom by Oksana Boyko at Israel claims only to be concerned by the presence of Iranians whom it spuriously claims are there to attack Israel. In fact, Iran is in Syria at the invitation of the Syrian government, to fight the terrorists. Whilst thus feigning indifference to the war in neighbouring Syria, Israel has also been aiding the Takfiris in Syria, for example, by giving medical aid to wounded terrorists in the occupied Golan Heights. [1]

If Israel does not cease its attacks on Syria, Iran, Syria and Hezbollah they may be left with no choice but to fight Israel to end the war.


[1] I believe there were also Israelis, as well as British and French amongst the terrorists in Aleppo. How they managed to escape capture and being put on trial is a mystery to me. Did the Syrian government release them of their own free will, or did Russia persuade Syria to release them?