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Shame on Australia! French Assange protest outside Australian embassy, Paris

Video: French demonstrate outside the Australian embassy in Paris, calling for the cowardly unprincipled Australian Government to help Julian Assange. "Where are the 'We are all Charlie' freedom of the press demonstrators?" they cry.

Translation of video

Whilst during the day demonstrators stood outside the Ecuadorian Embassy in London to support the whistleblower, another demonstration started an hour ago in Paris outside the Australian Embassy. Listen to what people are saying:

[MALE INTERVIEWEE] "Well, its quite a delicate situation. It's been seven years. It's inexcusable. It's incomprehensible. Knowing the United States claims to be a country of western liberties, it is very odd that he [Julian Assange] is prevented in this way from returning to his country.

We have to keep up this kind of demonstration, thinking of Julian Assange and all the journalists , freedom of the press, freedom of expression, freedom to exchange information, the right to transparency. So, regular demonstrations to remind us of what Julian Assange is going through."

[FEMALE INTERVIEWEE] "The dangers are immense. The danger of being expelled [from the Ecuadorian embassy], from one day to the next, one hour to the next. Therefore, it is very very important for us to join in protest now.

Candobetter Ed: Indeed, shame on our government in Australia. Shame on Britain, where if nothing else, Jeremy Corbyn could lead a rescue party, but he's just another sell-out. As for America, run by a corrupt elite that rejoices in war, it should never be allowed to get its hands on Assange. Note that this video was published by RT France.

Translation to English of some comments in French below the video:

(A troll's comments were left out.)

Véronique G, 10 hours ago: "Shame on Australia for abandonning him. Shame on all the other countries which do nothing as well, and shame, above all, on the United States. Best wishes to this Australian journalist. I hope with all my heart that he will soon be FREE."
Honte à l Australie qui l a laissé tomber....Honte à tous les autres pays qui ne font rien non honte surtout aux States ....bon courage à ce journaliste australien , j espère de tout coeur que bientôt il sera LIBRE.

Marc Dodane, 11 hours ago: "This man should be freed and protected."
Cet homme devrait être libre et protégé.

mooban1000, 10 hours ago: "We must do everything to help against all the political lobbies ... an extraordinary person ..."
Il faut tout faire pour l’aider contre tous les lobbies politiques... une extraordinaire personne...

Jean Vasquez, 10 hours ago: "Where have all the "Charlies" gone? The defenders of freedom of expression."
Ou sont passés les " Charlie" ?
Les defenseurs de la liberté d expression.

Jean Vasquez, 10 hours ago: "The United States a country of liberty? WTF!!!
Les etats unis un pays de liberte ? Wtf !!!

h, 1 hour ago: "If these countries were countries of freedom, Assange would already be able to walk around, but these countries are dominated by private interests."
Ci ces pays serait des pays de liberté Assange devrais déjà pouvoir y circuler or ces pays sont soumis à des intérêts privé.

Artaax 33, 7 hours ago: "Where are the so-called Charlies?"
Ils sont où les soit disant charlie ?

minima moralia, 10 hours ago: "What can be done for him? We dare hope that PotUS will free him, the one who revealed Hilary's Pizza Gate, no?"
Que faire pour lui? On ose espérer que le PotUS va le faire libérer, lui qui a révélé le Pizza Gate de Hillary Clinton, non?

Jérémy de Beach: "He's a political prisoner."
c'est un prisonnier politique.