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Public show their support for Julian Assange during Protest at Melbourne British Consulate

Update, 02:41+11, Monday 29 Mar 2021 : This article has been re-posted as a short article beneath Julian Assange could finally walk free—if we seize the moment (28/3/2021) by Scott Ludlum.

On Friday 26 March at 3:30pm, supporters of Julian Assange marched from Flinders Street Station to the British Consulate at 90 Collins Street in Melbourne's CBD and arrived there at 4:00pm. Outside the British Consulate, we shouted out our demands that:

  1. The British Government release Julian Assange from his illegal detention and torture at Belmarsh Prison;
  2. Julian Assange not be extradited to the United States where he would face a rigged trial hidden from public view; and
  3. Prime Minister Scott Morrison uphold his duty of care to Julian Assange and act to force the British government to release Julian Assange

Several speeches were also given, one by Feili [1] shown below.

Speech by Feili for Julian Assange outside the British Consulate

As Feili and others spoke or called out our demands, nearby members of the public, on foot, at the nearby tram stop, or in cars showed us their support by waving at us, tooting their horns or calling out their support for Julian Assange. On that day, almost nobody expressed any hostility towards us.

After our protest at the British Consulate, we marched back to Flinders Street Station where we found more support from members of the public. One spoke to us and said that, fro next week, he will be coming to future weekly vigils for Julian Assange from 6:30pm outside Flinders Street Station. The film of him talking very enthusiatically to John one of the members of our group is shown below.

At Flinders Street Station near the end of our protest another person tells us of his support for Julian Assange

Judging by this experience, we expect to be able to make an even bigger impact at next week's vigil. Please be there, at Flinders Street Station at 6:30pm on Friday to listen to speeches, hand out leaflets and help us spread the word.


[1] Feili is pronounced like 'Philly'.