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Shoalwater not Coalwater - Meeting Wednesday 30 July 2008

The Premier Anna Bligh recently announced a Coal Port project which is proposed for development within Shoalwater Bay.

The high environmental values of Shoalwater Bay are well known and the historical threat of sand mining back in the 1980's was vehemently opposed and quashed by an active community voice and conservation lobby. The Commonwealth Commission of Enquiry 1994 found that Shoalwater Bay provides significant intangible benefits to society through the existence of its highly significant conservation values.

These high environmental values are associated with its relatively undisturbed state, coastal landforms, size and health of its component ecosystems and arise from the area as a whole rather than considering individual parts in a fragmented way.

Capricorn Conservation Council is shocked that a project which would see fragmentation of this important wilderness could even be considered and questions the Premiers declaration of support. Such large tracts of wilderness are rare along Queenslands east coast and conservation of this area should be a priority for the Government.

Capricorn Conservation Council is inviting members of community to come along and have their say on Shoalwater Bay at a Public Meeting at Yeppoon Town Hall, Normanby Street, at 7 pm on Wed 30 July.

For more information please call Sara Hanggi Coordinator on (07) 4927 8644 or email ccc [AT] cqnet com au

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What you can do: attend public meeting at Yeppoon Town Hall, Wednesday 30th July at 7pm. Phone 07 4938 1818.

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I attended this meeting and the organisers did a fantastic job. It was very fair and very balanced and I was able to find out facts I did not know. This proposal really scares me as I said on the night in relation to the threat to an endangered species, being the dugong, that live in this area.
Everybody needs to let the govt. know the risk to these dugongs is not acceptable and support the Capricorn Conservation Council

Hi d.j. hunt!

I'm assuming you live in the Rockhampton/Yeppoon area. Is there much local support for a coal terminal at Port Clinton? Is local opposition strong enough for the Bligh government to abandon these ridiculous plans?