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Open letter to Gavin Jennings regarding the stranded kangaroos at Mill Park and South Morang

Minister Environment and Climate Change

Honourable Gavin Jennings MP

Dear Mr Jennings,

I am concerned about the high rate of land clearing and developments in our northern growth corridor. NO provision has been made for wildlife, especially kangaroos. Plenty Gorge could have been extended to join into a wildlife corridor, but this was not done. Previously I wrote to Mr Alan Webster and he reassured me at the time that something would be done. However it was never put in writing.

Plenty Gorge is surrounded by housing estates, and the growth continues. Surely this is the reason we are losing so many indigenous species in Australia - because they are not provided for. Surely growth could have been planned to include non-humans?

There is a wonderful opportunity to save a large piece of land in Mill Park, next to Bunnings. There are mature gum trees, shrubs and wildlife. More than ever we have to recognise that we need green wedges, conservation corridors as buffers against further biodiversity losses and climate change. We can't just keep developing and clearing land and wonder why we have drought, heat and climate change!

I have campaigned some of the public in Mill Park and a great majority do not want to see the kangaroos killed. They are being squeezed out of existence. These animals and others are the victims of planning failures. These gentle animals are stranded between busy roads and shopping centres and every day they are in danger of having little food and being killed by traffic.

Kangaroos and wildlife are part of Victoria. The "management" so far has been killings! I refuse to accept this form of "management"! It is killing and a failure to address the needs of animals that have a right to exist in our State. We can't just kill off anything that moves to put in more people and more sterility. The are part of our environment, our ecosystem, and we are morally and ethically obliged to protect them from constant economic decisions that say "kill them".

There are reports that kangaroos may become extinct with increases in temperatures. Koalas are also on the way out! I implore you to do something to PROTECT the habitat and the kangaroos and other remnant wildlife in Mill Park and South Morang. Please make sure they provided with a right -of-way corridor (over roads) to connect with National and State parks.

Our wonderful kangaroos are vilified as worth nothing until dead and out of sight! Everything wonderful about Australia is disappearing because we don't value our heritage. Our governments now are only interested in the economy!

Please do something to save the land and kangaroos in Mill Park and South Morang.

Thank you

Vivienne Ortega(Australian Wildlife Protection Council - vice president)