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Cate Molloy repudiates Keating over Australian nationalism

Cate Molloy, the former member of the Queensland state Parliament, who was expelled from the Labor Party in 2006 for opposing the environmentally reckless Traveston Dam and who is now standing for the Southern Cross Party for the Federal electorate of Wide Bay has taken exception ot former Prime Minister Keating's recent disparaging remarks against Australian nationalism in a letter to newspapers.

Former Prime Minister Paul Keating was totally wrong in his recent media comments condemning nationalism. A strong dose of nationalism is precisely what this country needs and has always needed. It is economic nationalism that urges Australians to buy Australian, to protect Australian farmers, workers, jobs and businesses. Nationalism prevents the sell-off of our true
icons such as Telstra and Qantas. Nationalism fires the bellies of our international sportspeople. Nationalism is needed to fend off Free (not Fair)-Trade agreements that eat like a cancer on our economy. We also need cultural nationalism to preserve our history and heritage. Finally we need political nationalism so we can stand tall and strong in the world and not
be sucked into foreign wars that we have no right to be involved in and only make us a target of terrorism. While the major parties only offer divisive politics pitting workers, farmers, businesspeople - all true Australians against each other, it's only independents that can unite and truly represent the people.

Cate Molloy,
Southern Cross Independent Candidate for Wide Bay
Peregian Beach, Queensland
ph 0754483784, 0408729499.