Cate Molloy agrees to be interviewed by OSCAR on condition that it is public

Ms Cate Molloy, Division 9 Candidate for the Sunshine Coast Super Council, has now agreed to be interviewed by OSCAR on one very important condition.

"I am happy that OSCAR has finally decided to release the names of its constituent organisations," Cate Molloy said.

"I am still nevertheless very much concerned about the transparency and accountability of the selection process of this self-anointed community lobby group," she said.

"I am therefore happy to be interviewed by OSCAR on one condition," said Ms

"My condition is that the interview be conducted very publicly in the media. By this I mean that OSCAR should put its questions to me in the press and I shall similarly answer them in the press for all to see," said Cate Molloy.

"Only by conducting such an "interview" process in this way, can the voting public, OSCAR's member organisations and its grassroots constituents see the basis on which OSCAR will make its decisions on its preferred candidates," said Ms Molloy.

"By setting itself up as a self anointed lobby group to influence voters, OSCAR has a public duty and responsibility to at all times be accountable and to act transparently. It therefore must conduct its interviews in public," said Cate Molloy.

Cate Molloy,
Peregian Beach Queensland
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