Cate Molloy

Cate Molloy corrects Noosa hospital

Media release: 7 March 2009

The Candidate for Independent Noosa today dismissed the critical comments made about her by Noosa Hospital community Spokesperson Mr Rusty Fraser (The (Sunshine Coast) Daily 7/3/09) and argued that his comments were not only misleading but also mischievous in themselves.

"With all due respect to Noosa Hospital Community Board Spokesman, Mr Rusty Fraser, my criticism of LNP Member, Glen Elmes still stands," said Cate Molloy.

"I may have been late to the hospital's meet and brief the candidates session due to unavoidable circumstances, but in no way does this invalidate my view of Mr Elmes' ineffectiveness as the Member for Noosa," she said.

"As a long term political figure in the Noosa community, I am well aware of the challenges facing the hospital and was presented with the Hospital's Annual Report (containing all the issues) on arrival, said Ms Molloy.

"What Mr Fraser neglected to inform the Daily, was that unlike Mr Elmes who left early, I attended the tour of the hospital which was far more important in my mind in understanding the issues. So in this respect, it is Mr Fraser who is being mischievous," said Cate Molloy.

"Might I also remind Mr Fraser, it has not been my responsibility in the last two and a half years to make representation and achieve Government funding for the Hospital. As Member for Noosa, it has been precisely Mr responsibility," Cate Molloy said


"And while Mr Elmes' may have made some representations to Government - what did he achieve? Absolutely nothing!" said Ms Molloy.

"If this isn't a sign of ineffectiveness and lacking the 'ticker' to play hard ball in negotiations to achieve for Noosa, I don't know what is," she claimed.

"Mr Elmes has been Noosa's most ineffectual MP in the last 20 years", said Cate Molloy.

Cate Molloy,
Candidate for Independent Noosa,
Peregian Beach,
Qld., 4573,
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Cate Molloy pledges to bring "tindo" - the world's first solar bus to the sunshine coast

Media Release: 5 March 2008

Cate Molloy, Division 9 Candidate for the Sunshine Coast Regional Council, today pledged that if elected she would urge, if not demand, that the new Sunshine Coast Super Council adopt Adelaide City Council's new TINDO (Kaurna Aboriginal name for sun) totally solar powered electronic bus system.

"Adelaide City Council's electronic solar bus system is a world first. It is an exciting and fabulous transport system that the Sunshine Coast must adopt," said Ms Molloy.

"The TINDO system will be used everyday by the people of Adelaide through the Adelaide City Council's free Adelaide Connector Bus service," she said.

"We must do the same here. The TINDO is a purely solar powered electronic bus which is totally environmental friendly ," she said.

"It is financially competitive - but most importantly it is totally clean and silent with a performance in power to match diesel engines," she said.

"The Sunshine Coast must adopt Adelaide's forward thinking," said Cate Molloy.

"We must overhaul our transport system and make bus transport available to all while getting rid of carbon emissions," said Cate.

"The Sunshine Coast Council in alliance with the Australian Government could easily afford to replicate Adelaide's solar PV system," she said.

"It's just up to us to show the vision and determination to make it happen," said Cate Molloy.

"And I pledge that if elected, I will make it happen," said Cate.

Cate Molloy,
Peregian Beach, Queensland
07 54483248

Cate Molloy agrees to be interviewed by OSCAR on condition that it is public

Ms Cate Molloy, Division 9 Candidate for the Sunshine Coast Super Council, has now agreed to be interviewed by OSCAR on one very important condition.

"I am happy that OSCAR has finally decided to release the names of its constituent organisations," Cate Molloy said.

"I am still nevertheless very much concerned about the transparency and accountability of the selection process of this self-anointed community lobby group," she said.

"I am therefore happy to be interviewed by OSCAR on one condition," said Ms

"My condition is that the interview be conducted very publicly in the media. By this I mean that OSCAR should put its questions to me in the press and I shall similarly answer them in the press for all to see," said Cate Molloy.

"Only by conducting such an "interview" process in this way, can the voting public, OSCAR's member organisations and its grassroots constituents see the basis on which OSCAR will make its decisions on its preferred candidates," said Ms Molloy.

"By setting itself up as a self anointed lobby group to influence voters, OSCAR has a public duty and responsibility to at all times be accountable and to act transparently. It therefore must conduct its interviews in public," said Cate Molloy.

Cate Molloy,
Peregian Beach Queensland
07 54483248

Cate Molloy calls on all Sunshine Coast Super Council Candidates to boycott OSCAR

Media Release: Cate Molloy calls on all Sunshine Coast Super Council Candidates to boycott OSCAR

24th February 2008

Ms Cate Molloy, Division 9 Candidate for the Sunshine Coast Super Council (and former Member for Noosa) today called on all Council and Mayoral candidates to boycott the group called OSCAR (Organisation of Sunshine Coast Associations of Residents).

OSCAR claims to represent the interests of the residents of the Sunshine Coast and is interviewing candidates with a view to promoting those it favours.

"However, Oscar so far refuses to be transparent by identifying its member organisations," Cate Molloy said.

"This is extremely worrying. Any group can purport to be representing the community but actually be a front for any sort of vested interests," she said.

"If OSCAR refuses to be transparent and accountable to the community, just as all candidates are expected to be, then it must be boycotted by all candidates," said Ms Molloy.

"OSCAR must also answer allegations that it actually approached certain candidates to run before the election writs were issued," she said.

"If this is the case, this group can hardly pretend not to be biased," Cate Molloy said.

"True democracy has no place for shady interest groups which refuse too identity just who their members are, and who they represent, " said Cate Molloy.

"For any candidate to allow him/herself to be interviewed by this group is to reward this questionable group with credibility,' said Cate.

"This should not be allowed," she said.

Enquiries: Cate Molloy
Peregian Beach, Queensland
07 54483248

Cate Molloy damns Rudd over Traveston Dam

Media Release

24th July 2007

The Independent Candidate for Wide Bay, Cate Molloy, today damned her former party leader for reaching the heights of hypocrisy over his failure to take stand on Traveston while opposing the proposed damming of the Clarence River (Daily Examiner 24/7/07).

"Today Kevin Rudd demonstrated he's just as hypocritical and opportunistic as John Howard," said Cate Molloy.

"He's visited Grafton and promised to prevent the proposed damming of the Clarence and other rivers in the region because he argues it was just bad policy making on the run by the Howard Government," said Cate Molloy.

"Rudd argues the proposal doesn't make any environmental nor economic sense. Well, neither does Traveston," Cate Molloy said.

"But Rudd is stricken dumb on Traveston - and why? because the ALP supported Beattie's nonsensical policy-making on the run and Traveston is in a strong conservative seat," she said.

"As for Rudd's so-called pub test, let him come to Gympie and try it. Traveston fails any test and is nothing more than environmental and social vandalism," said Cate Molloy.

"But he won't, Rudd is just a sheep in a wolf's clothing">1," she said.

"It's time for a Southern Cross independent who'll stick up for the people and not be poll driven or dictated to by party bureaucrats," said Cate Molloy.


" id="fn1">1. Whilst Kevin Rudd richly deserves condemnation such as his from Cate Molloy, we, nevertheless, believe that the choice between John Howard's Liberal Party on the on hand and Kevin Rudd's Labor Party on the other is still important. For more information see