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international comparisons

19th Century “Rules” Inflexibly Applied to 21st Century Economic Management in Australia

The economy of Australia is one of the largest capitalist economies in the world, with a GDP of US$1.57 trillion. We stand apart from the rest of the OECD with both population growth and economic growth rates roughly four times the OECD country average. Admittedly some of the other members of the OECD are going through hard economic times, but many of similar size to Australia (such as Sweden) have sound economies, high GDP per capita and far slower population and GDP growth rates.

France & Australia - per capita and national oil consumption 1965-1997

This is a supplement to a comment about population growth and consumption in Europe. The comment suggested that Europe was decreasing its consumption whilst growing its population. Graphs comparing per capita and National petroleum consumption in Australia and France, also showing population numbers and rate of growth.

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