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Supermarkets acting as a cartel against farmers, cows and the rest of us

On Tuesday, 8 February 2011, Member for the Victorian Opposition, Martin Pakula (ALP) pointed to the effective cartel which a supermarket may form in its own right, in a bad situation for farmers which, to me is a danger signal that cows will suffer even more (although Mr Pakula did not mention the suffering of cows). "Anyone who has been to Coles or Woolworths in the last few weeks would know of the decision by the retailers to slash the price of their home brand dairy products, and it seems more of this is on the way in regard to baked goods. This has been described in some circles as a win for consumers, but in the longer term I am not sure that will be the case," said Mr Pakula.

Mullumbimby residents defend their way of life against Woolworths

Over five years ago, against the overwhelming wishes and vigorous protests of local residents, Woolworths commenced construction of a supermarket in the heart of the rural Queensland town of Maleny. A dense and active network of platypus burrows was trashed in the process. In 2010, residents of rural New South Wales town of Mullumbimby are determined not to suffer a similar fate.

See also: "War on Woolworths escalates" by Digby Hildreth in the Northern Star of 16 Feb 10,  ...
What you can do: (Updated 28 Mar 10) Phone Australia Talks on 1300 22 55 76 on Tue 30 Mar 10 after 6.00PM news to express your opposition to big supermarket chains destroying the lifestyles of small communities (topic is "Impact of Big Box on small communities"), ... and don't shop at Woolworths.

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