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There's nothing like Australia promoting its iconic kangaroo when it is slaughtered by the thousands

What immoral hypocrisy we have in Australian Government when one department legitimises mass kangaroo slaughter as a 'kangaroo industry' and promotes 'kangaroo harvesting', while another department promotes the kangaroo as its 'hopping icon.'

Tourism Australia's latest marketing campaign claims to be based on the 'core truth'.
Well how can it be truthful? Tourism Australia needs to drop the kangaroo logo from its advertising while the slaughter continues or else drop its core truth campaign.

Kangaroos are indeed what is 'unique and special' about Australia. It is immoral to slaughter wildlife. It is hypocritical to promote wildlife values while also promoting its slaughter.

Tourism Australia's tormented kangaroo exhibit in Beverley Hills

Click on picture for film of lonely, distressed kangaroo corralled on US footpath by Tourism Australia (Martin Ferguson portfolio). Saturday 16 & Sunday 17 January, 2010 in Beverley Hills, Tourism Australia had a huge kangaroo on the concrete - on a busy busy footpath. The kangaroo was 8 to 10 feet away from a busy busy street and was so traumatized it was rocking back and forth over and over again...

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