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rampant consumerism

Christmas Season (yet again), but surely 'R&R' focus offers greater value and benefit than the dogma of xmas

To many, xmas has become a social pressure. The thought of each looming xmas heralds anxiety and stress and an imposed orthodox dogma. To a great number it brings on depression.

Xmas means complying with religious ritual and cultural expectations. It is a Christian superstition that has an irrational hold on millions. It imposes unnecessary costs and many are compelled each year to rack up credit card debt simply to comply with and somehow fund the over-evangelised 'time for giving'.

If 'planet cost' was embedded in consumerism...?

If full environmental costs were embedded into consumer product pricing, then the price of high environmental cost consumer products would rise, making them less affordable and so consumption would fall and so reduce the impact on the planet.

Conspicuous consumption and decadence deserves taxing, because its real costs are destructive on the planet and need to be curbed for the planet's health and ours.

The Nature of Greed

How the culture of more of everything leaves us with no time for anything, anyone, nature or even ourselves. "Greed," writes Tim Murray, "is not just a quest for more money or material things."

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Unsustainability of civilization

Industrial civilization has let exhaustible stocks of natural resources, particularly oil, go to its head. Now its has got a headache! It has got an addiction to carmania and flymania just as natural bounty capital has depreciated to such an extent that it is becoming very hard to meet expenses. The leaders of society have yet to get their heads out of the money trough and look at the reality that this ravaging of the life support system is unsustainable.

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