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social values

Fate of calves born to milk producing cows may get even worse - call for submissions
The cows whose milk we humans drink had their calves taken away from them. The male "bobby calves" are unwanted by dairies. The RSPCA estimates that there are 600,000 Bobby calves born per annum in Victoria. Many are induced prematurely in order to minimise disruption of milking schedules for human convenience. They are usually dragged screaming from their mothers when they are little more than a day old, fed milk from a bucket, and prepared for slaughter. In a new low ('standard') Department of Primary Industries wants to increase time calves may be starved prior to slaughter from 24 hours to 30 in all states and territories. The study they have commissioned does not support their aim - thank heavens.

Discrimination against UK Nurse Shirley Chaplin exposes inequalities in the UK's Equality Act

It is inconsistent that a small neck Christian cross worn by British nurse Shirley Chaplin could be health risk to patients, while bangles, head scarves and long sleeves worn by Sikh and Muslim nurses at the same hospital are magically somehow 'exempt' and considered no health risk.
Cods wallop! The spirit and goals of UK's Equality Act 2010 are supposed to be fair and equitable. Last time I visited Britain it was a predominantly Christian society.

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