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President Bush

9-11 victims ill-served in pretext for continuous war

The deaths of about 3000 United States citizens and residents, however individually tragic, pale into insignificance against the hundreds of thousands, and possibly millions of deaths, resulting from continuous wars the United States has launched, using 9-11 as a pretext. The 2021 western-media commemoration hype, solely deploring the 2001 New York events, seems obscenely disproportionate, when considering the far greater human costs in ongoing economic, ecological, and political destruction, and looting of resources, in Central Asia and the Middle East, set in motion by a purported hunt for Osama-bin-Laden.

This ‘manhunt’ has resulted in a shocking cascade of Western invasions and sieges built on shocking lies, in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Iran – with further targets in Africa, Latin America, and Eastern Europe.

Dirty work: In-sourcing American jobs with H2-B guestworkers

The combination of economic 'reforms', globalisation and high immigration have dramatically worsened circumstances for working Australians in recent years. However, the situation is vastly worse in the United States. David Seminara's exhaustively researched article describes the effect of the H2-B visa system for unskilled non-agricultural temporary workers. Australia does not (yet) have such a direct equivalent for non-agricultural workers, nevertheless, the general conclusions about the effects of one aspect of the high rate of immigration into the US remain highly relevant to the consideration of Prime Minister Kevin Rudd's plans to dramatically increase Australia's population through immigration.

Original article, by David Seminera, published in February 2010 by the US Center for Immigration Studies. Also published there as a pdf file (400K).See also: Will Rudd Government's high immigration program turn Australia into Argentina? of 19 Jul 08.

Well done GW: It's a dirty job but someone has to do it

Political analyst, Dr Ted Trainer, takes political spectators of the world to task for their harsh judgement of President Bush's achievements. He calls Bush's detractors, "Not just uncharitable but lacking in insight about the way the world works and what has to be done to maintain our way of life." He says, "President Bush has done a great job here in very difficult circumstances, and he does not get due credit", and explains just why...

Muntadar al-Zaidi did what we journalists should have done long ago

Send a Shoe to Bush Campaign: Support Al-Zaidi's bold protest: send an old shoe to the White House!When Iraqi journalist Muntadar al-Zaidi heaved his two shoes at the head of President George W. Bush during a press conference in Baghdad, he did something that the White House press corps should have done years ago.

Original article by David Lindorff posted to on 15 Dec 08.
See also "Peace Activists Take Shoes to White House in Solidarity with Shoe-Throwing Iraqi Journalist" posted 15 Dec 08 to, "UPDATE: Shoe-throwing Iraqi journalist in hospital" posted 16 Dec 08 to, "Send Bush Your Shoes!" posted to Citizens for Legitmate Government on 16 Dec 08, "Bush shoe-thrower in hospital after beating: brother" on AFP of 16 Dec 08.

President Bush's "midnight" raid on Oregon's forests thwarted

Ecological Internet reports that Oregon Governor Ted Kulongoski has blocked ecological criminal President George W Bush's last minute plans to sharply increase logging on 2.2 million acres of forests in Western Oregon.

See original article: "Oregon's Governor Stymies Bush's 'Midnight' Forest Raid" on
See also: Oregon governor objects to Bureau of Land Management logging plan in Capital Press of 11 Dec 08.
What you can do: Give generously to and other Ecological Internet projects to help them achieve more such wins for the environment.

Bush slashes US family planning aid budget.

Lame-duck US President Bush who started the Iraq War, estimated to have cost $3 trillion so far, has slashed US Government spending on family planning by US$134 million.

Original article published at

How $3 trillion war caused America's economic crisis

On Radio National's Background Briefing, Nobel prize winning economist Joseph Stiglitz, and co-author Linda Bilmes, argue the Iraq war has led directly to America's current economic crisis. They describe how they came to the figure of three trillion dollars, and how difficult such an estimate is to achieve in the face of the Pentagon's accounting procedures.

Sunday 30th March 9.10am, Tuesday 1st April 7.05pm, Wednesday 2nd April 4.05am

Bush's legacy

Here are some startling immigration numbers from the US since George Bush took office, according to Edwin S. Rubenstein of

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