President Bush

Bush's legacy

Here are some startling immigration numbers from the US since George Bush took office, according to Edwin S. Rubenstein of The illegal alien population grew by 5.3 million or 79% The legal immigrant population grew by 20% The proportion of foreign-born grew from 10.9% to 12.4% of the total population Well over half of new Jobs under Bush went to immigrants The proportion of total employment accounted for by immigrants went from 12.5% to 15.4% Deporting illegal aliens would effectively cut taxes by $60 billion or more than $5000 for every American citizen Immigration has reduced the average wage of native born high school drop-outs by 7.4% according to Harvard economist George Borjas. Immigrant workers reduce native wages by an average of 5.4% (Borjas) According to official estimates, illegal aliens account for about 4% of the US population. But 27% of all prisoners in Federal Bureau of Prison facilities are criminal aliens, two thirds of these Mexican. Notice the pace and momentum of these changes, all of which occurred in just 6 years. A government friendly to mass immigration and oblivious to the plague of illegal immigration can usher in a massive make-over to a society over-night. In a matter of four short years, the Irish government permitted the foreign-born content of its workfoce to grow from 6% to 10%. Before the public could catch its breath, Irish society had been transformed forever---without their consent. And now for some bad news. The number of illegal aliens in the United States maybe more than twice the official 12 million figure. It maybe 25 or even 38 million.