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Hot off the press: The Public Bank Solution

Many who rightly oppose of the ongoing theft of humanity's wealth by the global elites, foremost amongst them, the private bankers, are apparently unaware of just how fragile is the power of the private bankers. As Ellen Brown has shown in the The Web of Debt of 2007 (see web-site), any sovereign government, with the will to do so, could easily safeguard its national economy against the financial economic ravages that much of the world has endured for several centuries. Ellen Brown's The Public Bank Solution, only just released, shows how no sovereign country need ever suffer an economic recession. Order here. Kindle edition also available.
Also available from Amazon: Demography, Territory & Law: The Rules of animal and human populations in print or on Kindle, The Final Energy Crisis, 2nd Edition in print by Sheila Newman.

See also: The Crime of Alleviating Poverty: A Local Community Currency Battles the Central Bank of Kenya of 26 June 2013 by Ellen Brown, Depositors Beware: Bail-In Is Now Official EU Policy of 5 July 2013 also by Ellen Brown.

From Scarcity to Abundance: Re-imagining Money, Finance Capital vs. Public Banking - Ellen Brown

In her talk to the New Wall Street meeting of 16 March, Ellen Brown Chairman and President of the Public Banking Institute and author of Web of Debt shows that financial crisis faced by much of the industrialised economies has been caused by their governments having surrendered to private banking corporations the right to create money.

Includes two broadcasts from YouTube also broadcast from Global Research TV as From Scarcity to Abundance: Re-imagining Money on 25 April 2025 and Finance Capital vs. Public Banking of on 22 October 2011. See also: articles by Ellen Brown on Global Research and The Corbett Report.

The European Stabilization Mechanism, Or How Goldman Sachs Captured Europe

The ESM is a permanent rescue facility slated to replace the temporary European Financial Stability Facility and European Financial Stabilization Mechanism as soon as Member States representing 90% of the capital commitments have ratified it, something that is expected to happen in July 2012. A December 2011 youtube video titled “The shocking truth of the pending EU collapse!”, originally posted in German, gives such a revealing look at the ESM that it is worth quoting here at length. It states:
[Article 30]: “Governors, alternate Governors, Directors, alternate Directors, the Managing Director and staff members shall be immune from legal process with respect to acts performed by them . . . and shall enjoy inviolability in respect of their official papers and documents.” First published by Global Research April 19, 2012.

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