North South Pipeline

The north south pipeline is a violation of property rights

Brumby's insistence on the north-south pipeline is his idea of listening to his constituents? His main interest is in bending to corporations who want to continue to cram more and more people and developments into Melbourne and its surroundings urban areas. His bullying and determination to go ahead despite the voices condemning the pipeline, and the fact that it would be trespassing on private land, shows that he is drunk on power and greed. He was not elected as our premier, and his pig-headed determination is offensive and a violation of property rights. We have already dammed all our waterways, and now they are drying because they have been strangled and over-used for economic gain. The toilets in Melbourne should be supplied from tanks or recycled water, not from precious water that should be for crops and food for our own population. The fact that it will cut across wetlands and native forests, including Toolangi State Forest, is neither here nor there! We all need to learn to live within our ecology, within our environmental parameters. If we limit population growth and insist on water tanks we should be able to survive, but not if he overrides logic and the will of the Victorian public.