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humanitarian aid

The humanitarian challenge of refugees

The number of refugees Australia accepts is set each year and has remained between 13,000 and 14,200 since 2003. This year the number will be 13,750, regardless of the number of boats that arrive. It is predicted that there will be millions of climate change asylum seekers in the future. Oxford University's Norman Myers believes that the number of climate refugees could be as high as 200 million by 2050. It will be the poorest countries that will be the worst affected. How many of these will also be from the impacts and direct consequences of overpopulation is also unknown.
How do we respond?

We really can do better than this! The Karen People and Cyclone Nargis

We've all heard of the obstructionism of the Myanmar government towards humanitarian aid that should have been going to the victims of the Nargis cyclone, but what's the background to this that the mainstream press isn't reporting…

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