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planned burning

Planned Burns Review and Recommendations – admits failure – plans for more effective risk reduction

The Royal Commission recommended burns to over 5% of our natural landscape annually have finally been shown to be a waste of time, money and horrifically damaging to our biodiversity.
The recent review (link is external) of the burn targets used 12 criteria to measure how effective the blunt hectare-based target is compared to the proposed risk-reduction target. The hectare burns scored 13/48 (a serious flunk!) while a risk-based target scored 40/48. This is what EEG and thousands of others have been saying since day one. This excellent and informative summary originally published by Environment East Gippsland (EEG) here: See also AWPC fire and wildlife conference for more background.

Government Firebugs threaten old forest at Victoria's Cape Liptrap Coastal park

"Set aside by local farmers in the 1950s, the Waratah Bay section of Cape Liptrap Coastal Park has been free of fire for 80 years - regrowing fern gullies on old sand dunes with some very old bush high in the catchments of its myriad creeks. Sheltered from northerly winds the section from Waratah Bay to Bear Gully supports this now isolated bush, which in turn supports lyrebirds, wombats and bandicoots. It has not been the source of any fires for 80 years and it gets wetter as it gets older. It may be that we do not have to burn the bush all the time to be safe - in some cases burning the bush may increase its flammability and dry it out. Best to look before we burn - watch the video and write and ask for more time" writes Owen Roberts, under this video on youtube.
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