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global surveillance

Assange to take part in RT panel on security & surveillance today (Thursday 10 Dec 2015)

Australian freedom fighter and political refugee, Julian Assange, will take part in a discussion dedicated to information privacy and security in the digital age, organized as part of an RT conference on media and politics. Watch conference live.The WikiLeaks founder will tune in from the Ecuadorian embassy in London. He has been shamefully abandoned by the Australian government. (Introduction to this article which was republished from the RT site was by a editor).

The Virtual Interview: Edward Snowden – The New Yorker Festival

In a one hour interview, Edward Snowden, who as a private contractor, worked for the United States' National Security Agency (NSA), reveals all about the NSA's dragnet surveillance program. This program has captured and stored everything we have ever communicated through the Internet or telephone in recent years. He reveals that this program has not stopped one act of terrorism. Near the end, Edward also provides practical suggestions about how you can protect your on-line privacy.

NSA design whistleblower Bill Binney on Edward Snowden, other NSA whistleblowers & US justice system

Real insider information about the surveillance system in the United States, its history and its vulnerabilities. In this excellent interview, Binney is asked by RT's Sophie Shevardnadze of Sophie Co what he thinks will happen to Edward Snowden if he comes home to "man up" as John Kerry suggested, apparently with a straight face. Binney answers by describing what happened to him when he started asking official questions and how he managed to get the FBI to stop harassing him. Video and full transcript inside.

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