left wing; political correctness; left-wing violence

The Inherent Violence of Political Correctness

Below are a concerned person’s observations of ‘left-wing’ violence at the Reclaim Australia protest, Melbourne July 18 2015; received via a personal communication. “… Just come back from the Reclaim Australia Rally. Went as an interested observer and to take photos. The Left were hysterical chanting "Fuck off Nazi Scum" and "Always was, always will be aboriginal land" and directing their venom towards a group of late 20s -60s rather placid and "conservative looking" people. Most certainly under 100 in number. I managed to see one Free Palestine T-Shirt. That always turns up at a protest! … I 'll sum up the whole experience with this - Many of the Reclaim Australia people were carrying Australian flags. There was also one Irish flag and one Welsh flag amongst them. Those opposed to "racism" were carrying anarcho-communist flags and red flags. I did not see one Australian flag amongst them. The only violence I saw came from the Left who attacked one poor guy who wanted to join the Reclaim group. They formed a barricade and did not allow anyone to join the Reclaim Australia rally. So much for free speech and freedom of association. He was called Nazi scum and was assaulted by a large group of lefties. To break up the assault the police intervened with pepper spray. It was a bit of a scatter gun approach but it worked. The guy being bashed managed to leave the scene and about half a dozen lefties were treated for pepper spray effects. To be honest, they got what they deserved. Prior to this I saw police get spat upon, and abused by the lefties. The cops did not react; they were remarkably tolerant and held their nerve in the face of this provocation. I left the scene and on the corner of Swanson and Bourke street I saw 2 Christians who were handing out material declaring how much they loved Muslims and that there is some sort of connection between Allah, Jesus and Muhammad. Feeling totally depressed I caught the number 16.”