The Murdoch newsmedia

are to expose the insidious influence one of the most, if not the most harmful and damaging media organisation in human history, namely the global media empire of Rupert Murdoch.

If these words seem like hyperbole, then consider the pivotal role played by Fox News as documented in Michel Moore's Farhrenheit 911 in assisting Florida Governor Jeb Bush rort the Florida ballot to give the vote in that state, and hence the US Presidency, to George Bush instead of the rightful victor of the 2000 elections, Al Gore. If Fox News had not misreported Gearge Bush as having won th eFlorida ballot it would not have been possible for Governor Jeb Bush to have thrown the large numbers of valid votes that would have caused Al Gore to win that state.

Since that day the deception of US and world public opinion by Rupert Murdoch's media empire has continued and as a result the most incompetent and/or crooked leader who has ever ruled the United State has been able to get away with almost countless crimes against his own people and the rest of the world. These include:

  • The launching of the costly, destructive and bloody wars against Afghanistan and Iraq on the basis of the lies of and Iraqi Weapons of Mass Destruction.
  • The current global financial meltdown made vastly worst than it need be by Bush's accelerated deregulation of the US finance sector and his proactive meddling to prevent US states taking legislative measures against the excesses of

Bush could not have held onto power for so long and could not possibly have gotten away with these and almost innumerable other crimes if his back had not been covered at every step by the US corporate newsmedia and, most of all, Murdoch's Fox News.

As Canadian journalist Barrie Zwicker once observed, Fox News was effectively the privatised propaganda arm of the Bush administration.

In Australia, the same is true of the Government of John Howard, which was kept in power for years by the deception of Murdoch's News Limited newspapers.

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Subject was: "politically incorrect" - JS SMH ignores US double standard The following letter is in response to a Sydney Morning Herald editorial. It was sent to that paper but not published. - Your editorial, "Iran's radioactive reasoning" (September 29) failed- to mention the exposed double standard the US is using about to nuclear weapons in the Middle East. While the US is turning a blind eye on the grave danger Israel's nuclear weapons represent to world peace and security, it applies harsh pressure on Iran and other countries to prevent it from possessing nuclear technology. The only country that is defying international law, hundreds of UN resolutions, launching wars and oppressing and occupying other people's territories in the Middle East is Israel and not Iran. Why does the US not also demand that Israel allow, within weeks, unlimited access to the secret plants and sign the Non Proliferation Treaty as Iran and all Arab countries have done? The danger of Israel's nuclear weapons and the double standards is that it will push Iran and other countries in the future to possess deterrent nuclear weapons. Ali Kazak, former ambassador of Palestine

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