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Terrorist 'rebel' cooking-gas cylinder bombs destroy cars in Christian section of Aleppo 20 Sept 2015

ALEPPO, SYRIA: These vehicles look as if they were burned out years ago, but it was only a couple of nights ago. This damage done by 'rebels' took place in the Christian area (mixed residential and commercial) in Aleppo. The strategy is to make pressure on families to leave their homes, cities, and country.

The cars were shelled by the 'rebels' with cooking-gas cylinder bombs. They are targeting people in the markets, and children in schools. Around 40 civilians died, and 200 were injured in Aleppo in one week (back to school week). Other attacks took (and still taking) place in other cities, like Homs, Hasaka, and Damascus, by using vehicle bombs or/and shelling mortars.

The kids in the photograph were trying to take whatever they could find that was useful from the wreckage. I took advantage of the situation and shot my picture.

Those cooking-gas cylinder bombs are rained by terrorist 'rebels' upon the heads of civilians, blindly damaging and killing. The attacks are everywhere and against everyone, Muslim and Christian. The war unites the blood of Syrians of any religion against terrorism.

With the terrorists launching 20 bombs a day, up to 200 bombs, the results are way more damaging than the claimed "barrel bombs" allegedly dropped by the Syrian Airforce.

At least the Syrian Airforce is targeting terrorists and armed gangs, not civilians in their markets, schools, or homes.

Rumors about new Russian weapons (and forces) have reached several cities, including Aleppo. Although this brings hope, it will also probably mean more fighting and clashes in the coming 'Eid' official holiday.

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From Kurdistan press:
PYD: Syrian refugee tripped by Hungarian journalist was member of radical al-Nusra Front
By Osamah Golpy yesterday at 02:51
(Picture) Syrian refugee Osama Abdul Mohsen (Left), speaking to journalists in Madrid. Photo: AFP

LONDON—The Syrian refugee who was tripped by a Hungarian camerawoman earlier this month was a member of the radical al-Nusra Front and fought the Kurds on many fronts in Syria, the Democratic Union Party (PYD) said Saturday.

The video footage of Osama Abdul Mohsen being kicked by a camerawoman on the Hungary-Serbia border went viral and prompted uproar around the world.

Abdul Mohsen later landed in Spain where he was offered a job and welcomed by Real Madrid football club including famous footballer Cristiano Ronaldo.

However, the Kurdish group PYD alleged in its official media that Abdul Mohsen had fought alongside the Nusra Front before leaving Syria with his family in the spring of 2015.

Furthermore, the PYD claimed that Abdul Mohsen was involved in the violent suppression of Kurdish riots in the city of Qamishlo in 2004 following a football match were more than 50 Kurds were killed by the Syrian security forces.

Abdul Mohsen was the coach of al-Fatwa club in Deir Ez Zor from 2004-2010.

The PYD said that he was an instigator behind the violence after the football match between al-Fatwa and Qamishlo’s Jihad club.

The PYD published a picture of Abdul Mohsen from his Facebook page before closing it down earlier this year where he identifies himself as a member of the Nusra Front, adding that he had fought the Kurd