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Hungarian PM warns of Soros interference in EU to promote mass immigration

Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban has apparently called on Hungarians to beware of the power of the Sith in his latest speech on migration crisis in Europe. He also declared Eastern and Central Europe the last ‘migrant-free zone.’ "We should never underestimate the power of the dark side," the prime minister said, referencing Star Wars as he referred to the plots of those behind the “migrant invasion,” adding that they “have no solid structure but extensive networks.” Article first published 23 October on RT with the title, ‘Never underestimate the power of the dark side’: Orban goes Star Wars on EU ‘migrant invasion.’

The EU and some of its key member states have been “taken hostage” by a “speculative financial Empire” through an orchestrated “invasion of new immigrants,” Orban said in Budapest on Monday, adding that this mysterious “financial power” was behind the “latest great migration of peoples” that flooded Europe with “millions of migrants.”

“This plan was developed to make Europe a mixed [multicultural] continent,” the prime minister said at an event commemorating the anniversary of the 1956 anti-Soviet uprising in Hungary, adding that “only we managed to stand up against it,” apparently referring to the governments of Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, which have taken a staunch anti-migrant stance and refused to accept refugee quotas imposed by Brussels.

Orban then declared Central and Eastern Europe the continent’s last "migrant-free zone." The Hungarian leader expressed the hope that, by acting together, Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia could potentially stop mass immigration.

He went on to say that the ultimate goal of the massive inflow of migrants into Europe consisted of depriving it of its Christian and national identity. The prime minister then stressed that Europe should remain "safe, fair, civic, Christian and free" and should regain the splendor he said it had before embracing multiculturalism.

Orban’s remarks concerning the “financial power” behind the mass immigration apparently referred to the Hungarian-born US billionaire George Soros. The Hungarian prime minister has already accused Soros of seeking to create a "new, mixed, Muslimized Europe” in July. He also repeatedly blamed the tycoon of fueling the refugee crisis in Europe, adding that “Brussels has come under George Soros’s influence.”

Orban’s words were echoed by Hungarian MP Andras Aradszki, who claimed that “Soros and his comrades want to destroy the independence and values of nation states” by bringing migrants into Europe. He slammed the billionaire by calling him “Satan” earlier this month.

Orban’s latest remarks also come as Central and Eastern European countries witness a shift to the right. In Austria, two anti-migrant parties took the first two places in the parliamentary election, and are now expected to form the ruling coalition.

Soros and EU striving for ‘mixed, Muslimized Europe’, says Hungarian PM Orban

Just a week later, parliamentary elections in the Czech Republic ended up in a victory of an anti-establishment movement headed by a local billionaire dubbed “the Czech Donald Trump,” who is particularly known for his severe criticism of the EU’s immigration policies.

Hungary itself is engaged in a bitter row with the EU over the refugee relocation quotas, together with Poland and Slovakia. The issue dates back to the EU decision made in 2015 to rehouse some 160,000 refugees from Greece and Italy over a period of two years, only around 27,700 of whom have been settled so far.

Budapest also faces pressure over the fence that covers one-quarter of the length of its borders and was designed to stop the inflow of migrants and asylum seekers at the peak of the refugee crisis. Despite repeated criticism from many European countries, Hungary refuses to remove it and claims that it has helped to cut the inflow of migrants by 99.7 percent since 2015.

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What drives Soros to do this? He has all the money he could ever personally need? Is it power? Is the ability to change the demographics of a continent, and do away with 1000's of years of cultural history the ultimate expression of power over others?

I read a couple of books about Soros as well as articles and it seemed to me that he was probably motivated by a desire to have even more money, the power that goes with it, and a psychopathic enjoyment of inflicting chaos. Currency speculation on a scale most of us cannot imagine is a way of making billions. By causing chaos, through wars that destroy economies and make people flee, or by provoking other forms of political agitation, Soros brings currency values down. While the currency value is low, he buys lots of it. Then he waits until the country recovers a bit and sells it at a higher value. He is able to sow chaos by sponsoring political agitation via donations from his various foundations and media investments. He is behind identity politics ideology and open borders. He encourages massive refugee movements and pays people to justify those movements without drawing attention to the wars that drive them.

I have noticed that a lot of very wealthy people, especially men, are big gamblers and I think that manipulating world currencies is a form of gambling and that Soros is a gambler. When people gamble, they get a rush. As they cast their dice or launch their political agitators, or fund mercenaries, they imagine achieving a lot of different things - could be sex, fame, happiness, violence, humililation, godhead, immortality - and they have to keep restimulating their imaginations and emotions with the gambling/speculating trigger. People who are addicted to drugs or alcohol, for instance, experience a state of excitement at the prospect of satisfying their thirst or desire for the drug - even before they have taken it. I imagine that that is what Soros may feel when he sets out to manipulate currency prices. He engages in complex manipulation and probably builds up to some kind of climax. Perhaps he is very depressed between 'hits'. Gamblers and other addicts have to keep upping the ante in order to restimulate. I assume that Soros is sociopathic or psychopathic because his way of making money destroys so many lives - an indication of a lack of empathy. One might also expect people who are close to him to be negatively affected by his habits.

To Richard Dinatale,


Can you please treat us like adults rather then children who need to be protected from hearing ‘bad' things.

Trust people to recognise how ugly this guy’s views are when they have open access to ALL of the relevant information

How about you instead make some noise on the LACK of comprehensive perspective, and thereby the blatant propaganda, being provided within vital mainstream narratives, including the ABC and Parliament, on such critical matters as the Middle East, Russia and the US’s violent global agenda of imperialism and hegemony.


From Richard DiNatale:

Greg W

"Dear Gregory,

On Tuesday, the far-right is hoping to give one of the world’s most notoriously abusive far-right campaigners a high-profile platform inside Parliament House.

On invitation from David Leyonhjelm, Milo Yiannopoulos will bring his racist, sexist and abusive agenda to Canberra -- unless we stop him.

Earlier this week, I wrote to the President of the Senate and the Speaker of the House, asking them to deny this audience and platform to a man who has been banned from Twitter for “engaging in the targeted abuse of others” and been accused of being an apologist for paedophilia.

We need to apply all the pressure we can if we’re going to be successful. Please sign our petition calling on the government to deny access to this man’s disgusting, hateful views inside Parliament House during his visit. [...]" etc.