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Dogs and cats are bred for profits in an already overpopulated market

The way society treats our "best friends" is appalling and utterly cruel! We allow backyard and "puppy farm" breeders to breed puppies to sell at markets, on the Internet and in pet shops. They are bred to generate profits. This happens while we have overflowing pounds and shelters. It is totally shameful. There are all sorts of reasons for surrendering pets, including lack of training and behaviour problems, lack of room, too busy, not allowed by landlords, etc etc. It is just to easy to acquire and dispose of dogs and cats due impulse buying, pet overpopulation and their commercialisation.

Over 200,000 cats and dogs are "put down" each year because they are homeless. There are thousands sold on impulse and there is a good chance that many will be abandoned over the following 12 months. Pet shops promote battery breeding in puppy farms, and impulse buying, by having their wares as shelf items.

The government allows the indiscriminate breeding of dogs and cats but they do not cover the costs of rehabilitating and re-homing abandoned animals! This is left to charities.

Animals adopted from a shelter must be desexed. Why wait until they have already been homeless? The breeding of animals for pet shops and markets needs to cease. Only approved breeders should sell dogs and cats to the public, and puppy farms should not be keeping animals in battery cages to supply puppies to an already saturated market.

If pet shops sponsored ethical breeders, and shelters, the misery of killing homeless animals could be avoided.

Profits should not justify everything! Where is compassion and common sense?

Pets are being commercialised rather than being considered as deliberately adopted four-footed family members, or "best friends". Mandatory desexing and controlled breeding would stop this misery!


Yeah, our society is warped. Ok, we have pets and allow them room, but we all really gotta get away from the pet shops. We need to face the fact thousands of pets die because of being strays, while avoiding buying puppies and other animals from petshops, who derive their animals- products - from puppy farms. Its really bad. Councils need to be more active in making it cumpulsory to have pets desexed. It needs to be people in our society who are willing to turn away from abuse and desex their pets! Indirectly, they will contribute to euthanased animals, perfectly good pets, all because of selfishness and an overpopulation of stray dogs and cats in our nation.

Those disturbed by Australia's increasing obsession with dogs, an animal congenitally programmed to free-range but universally kept cruelly incarcerated by unsuitable owners, are invited to sign my Dog-free Communities petition at and those even more enlightened souls who realise that the whole dog problem is getting out of control are invited to sign my No Dogs Anywhere petition at

Whilst I strongly agree with your first petition:

"We, the undersigned, acting compassionately in the interests of human and animal welfare, request the world-wide formation of Dog-free Communities ..."

... I wouldn't be able to bring myself to support the second:

"We, the undersigned acting compassionately in the interests of human and animal welfare, require all regulatory and control authorities to recognise the suffering and cruelty being inflicted on dogs, and as a consequence through barking and bloody attacks, on mankind everywhere.

"We petition to legislate for the removal of dogs from societies everywhere except in special cases where this animal's behaviour is socially beneficial."

In a sense I would agree, but it would be hard to legally define 'socially beneficial'. What is important is that people not be subjected to the noise of barking dogs and that dogs not be subject to the cruelty that would cause theme to bark excessively.

The critical problem in most parts of the country that we don't have space to spread out.

We should be able to live with people who are compatible with ourselves, but because living space and housing stock is so limited, many of us are made to live, for example, with people who like having loud drunken parties going to three in the morning breathing down our necks.

People who are not troubled by the sound of incessantly barking dogs (provided that we can be confident that they are not barking because of cruelty) should live together away from the rest of us who are (or, perhaps, vice versa).

The reason the dog and cat populations are exploding is, many of us believe, because it is being pushed by the pet industry - more pets means more pet food sold, etc., even though 90% of the pets lead miserable and suffering lives. Who cares? Pet food is now one of the biggest industries in the world. There is relentless advertsing to encourage people to get a dog. Notice how every second commercial on T.V. contains a dog?

Even the President-elect of the U.S.A. is pushing owning a dog. As for Oprah Winfrey!!

The biggest pet food producers are the Nestle and Mars companies (yes, the chocolate people). They now want to open the huge markets in India and China.

Meantime there are 75,000 stray dogs in Mumbai (Bombay). Sir Paul McCartney, Pamela Anderson and the like are protesting the fact that Bombay officials want the dogs destroyed. These do-gooders want all 75,000 dogs desexed and apparently released back to the streets. Does that make sense?

We've been saying for years that all, I repeat all, potential owners of any, repeat any, pet, should be first screened for suitability of ownership, and be licensed to keep the pet (as now happens ion Switzerland). Getting this licence entails taking a 10-week course in pet ownership to be paid for by the potential owner. This would cut back somewhat on this cruelty to companion animals. But the pet industry will fight it to the death.

For some good analyses of the dog problem go to these two U.S. sites:



Pet free living. Pet free communities for those that CHOOSE NOT TO LIVE AMONGST OTHER ANIMALS in residential areas primarily intended for people. Give us this choice please!

Licensing to own pets, ANY KIND! To ensure pets are wanted by the pet owner and attended to properly 24/7/365.

Laws that are enforced 24/7/365 to ensure peace in our communities over insane dog barking, animal waste and neglect of duty to animal care and neighborhood considerations.

Not much to ask for really. Makes a lot of sense, but impossible to get legislators to even look at it.

Government fails here time and time again.

Every dog bark, bite, attack and killing of a person highlights the failure of government to protect our communities from irresponsible pet owners and dangerous pets.

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This Petition may be signed now at

Here's the wording:

This petition draws to the attention of all governments:

The huge and growing number of dogs kept in the suburban environment;

That most dogs are kept in the suburbs under conditions of close confinement;

That the suburbs comprise a totally unnatural environment for an animal congenitally programmed to free-range;

That innumerable confined backyard dogs are left unattended by their owners because of work commitments, especially during the daytime;

That many of these dogs bark intermittently or continuously because of their boredom, frustration, confinement and deprivation of animal and human contact;

That such extended isolation to a dog, a social animal by nature, can be torture;

That the dog commonly vents its frustration, anguish and torment by whining, howling and loud continuous barking; and

That such barking is increasingly noxious to nearby humans, is often damaging to their health, and is usually in contravention of barking control laws now so commonly left almost entirely unenforced by reckless animal control authorities having regulatory powers but refusing to use them.

Your Petitioners therefore ask all governments to:

Create the Dog Control Act offence "Leaving a Dog Unattended"; and

Compel enforcement by authorised persons with the words:

"It is the obligation of any person on whom a function is imposed or a power is conferred under this Act to perform the function or to exercise the power..."

Female dogs kept in cages could be forced to breed for life after the State Government watered down moves to eliminate puppy factories. The "new" code of practice for puppy farms is nothing but a tweaking of what already exists! This means puppy farms are assumed by our Victorian State government that they can continue to churn out their wares, and profit from animal exploitation. A draft version of the code, released in December, flagged new staff to animal ratios, a ban on wire floors for cages, and strict new breeding limits. However, late amendments allow female dogs to be used all their lives, and veterinary checks are not compulsory! They are prisoners for profit.
Ironically, we have a former veterinary practitioner for our Premier, Napthine, but animal welfare is declining. You can't humanely or ethically keep animals trapped in cages, unless they are canaries or budgerigars! This is the result of neo-liberalism, in which businesses are free to design their industries without being limited by "red", "green" tape, or animal welfare standards. The whole "industry" of puppy breeding, in puppy factories, needs to end. The rules have simply been tweaked for convenience of the industry. The reality of death row continues because of our pet overpopulation - aided by purposely breeding for the mass market.
Victoria's standards of animal welfare are not improving, but declining. We have extended duck shooting, the continuation of lethal jumps racing, and a new kangaroo "industry" that will allow more animals to be lethally managed by farmers who will be able to sell the meat for pet food!

Put Dennis Napthine in a cage but for God's sake don't breed from him!