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Jim Carrey and Syrian Girl on Global Conflict

This video begins with an overview of what the corporate media are feeding us this week, but quickly goes onto the real news about continuing global conflict, Trump's behaviour and Israel's preparations for war. They discuss a poll that claims to reveal that over 70% of Americans now believe that a 'deep state' runs the country, partly because of the reversal of Trump's pre-election policies on everything. In this video, Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange [not to be confused with the exploitative] is joined by Western Australia's wonderfully intelligent Syrian Partisan Girl. This is an enlightening discussion of how politicians are pirouetting around the threshhold of WW3, notably via politics around Syria.


Some of the comment below was posted to Twitter.

Maram Susli (aka 'The Syrian Girl') has been advised by the YouTube 'team':

Our team has reviewed your content, and, unfortunately, we think it violates our child safety policy. We've removed the following from YouTube:

Video: Israeli terrorist Choked Out Little Boy

This is truly Orwellian. A video of yet further brutality towards a Palestinian Boy, whose land has been stolen by the Israeli occupiers, is beaten up by one of the occupiers. Luckily it was captured on video. However the YouTube management decided that that video evidence of the Israeli's brutality towards the Palestinian boy "violat[ed] [their] child safety policy".

Would the YouTube managers truly have us believe that was there no witness with video a camera on hand that the Israeli would not have beaten up that boy? Would they have us believe that had that witness not been there that their "child safety policy" would not have been violated?

More likely the YouTube managers realise the idiocy of that statement, but believing that the Syrian Girl doesn't have the power to hit back at them, they just don't care.

Perhaps it's time that the Syrian Girl and the many other victims of YouTube censorship worked together on the other parts of the Internet, which are not under the control of the likes of the YouTube management and worked together to hold them to account for their unconscionable conduct.