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Qld Greens: 'competitive' market a calamity for electricity consumers

The following article was submitted by Greens Mount Ommaney candidate Robert Huston to the Brisbane Sunday Mail newspaper, but not published.

Electricity price hikes from grossly inefficient supply caused by corporatisation after 10 years of Labor. Power stations running at 50% capacity are less efficient and burn more coal to produce the same electricity.

Since the corporate model has been forced onto the electricity supply sector by Labor, older less efficient power stations have been running more to avoid buying power from another station. Newer stations are running at less than full capacity making them less efficient also.

A new "open market" for trading of electricity has been created with high paid buyers and sellers to meet demand when they can not supply it. These electricity stockbrokers produce nothing and waste customers money.

All this has led to a grossly inefficient electricity supply sector that has jacked up prices. This is the first steps to privatisation of electricity supply in Queensland. The LNP would have the private market take it over completely and we have seen what a failure that has been in the California blackouts.

The Greens are the only party that see the need for a state owned integrated efficient energy supply that will tackle climate change and provide an essential service to our modern lives.


This situation makes me very angry.
I would like to read more about this.
Also, can you get the Premier to debate this?
Can we have the names of the companies and individuals who are profiting from what the rest of us seem to be paying for in higher rates and worse service and more unreliable electricity>?
Why isn't the Courier Mail investigating and reporting on this?
Is it somehow in on the deal?
And what about the ABC?
Not a word. Silent.