The Greens

Jenny Fitzgibbon, Greens candidate for Glass House

Standing for Green Jobs, renewable energy technologies, preventative health, sustainable livelihood and culture. Check out the Queensland Greens Green Jobs, Energy and Sustainable Water Policies .

When YOU choose to vote Greens 1 (and then make your informed choice between the other two parties) you get.

  • to send a message to the old parties - make your policies lean
    toward Social equity, financial justice and show real leadership on
    Climate Change NOW
  • The knowledge that you are sustaining Glass House into your childrens future.
  • A strong, passionate, caring voice with no attachment to
    lobbyists or those interested in private gain at the expense of the
    public good.

In Glass House I am committed to

Greens State Policy

The Queensland Greens are currently in the process of refining their policy for the upcoming Queensland state government elections. Check out their policies here Please suggest specific policy initiatives they should be taking into the election - I am part of the policy committee and will pool together these comments and submit to the relevant people. I am in the process of developing an Animal Welfare policy - so if you're interested in that area please give some specific recommendations for state policies on this issue.