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About the Queensland state elections

The Queensland state elections were hurriedly called by Premier Anna Bligh on Monday 23 February after months of speculation, principally by Rupert Murdoch's newspaper.

This was contrary to a promise made by her on 20 March 2008, when she Bligh promised the Queensland public to serve her full term until around September 2009. In a she stated her reason for breaking that promise :

"Over recent weeks, the continued heightened election speculation has reached a point where it's now a hindrance to the certainty and stability that we so desperately need. I have reached the view that it's time to settle the election. It's time to settle the speculation so that government, business and the community can get on with the task at hand and not be distracted or destabilised by a looming election."

Of course this statement is disingenuous, and in more ways than one. At any time in the months going back to November last year Anna Bligh could have ended that speculation by simply re-affirming her promise to serve her full term.

It is disingenous in another sense, because the policies of her Government of deliberately encouraging population growth and a break neck pace of over-development has introduced enormous instability into the business and personal lives of many Queenslanders.

An obvious motive for the short duration of the election campaign is to limit the degree of proper scrutiny of her Government's record, particularly by independent candidates, such as myself, who have far more substantial differences with the ruling Labor Party than do the also pro-big-business Liberal National Party.

The elections are clearly being orchestrated to prevent effective scrutiny of the policies of either the Government or the Opposition.

On these pages we will attempt to provide that scrutiny and promote candidates who offer real alternatives to the two major parties. Those candidates are likely to be independents and, possibly, a good many Greens.

Where voters may not be able to elect their most preferred candidates, we urge that they carefully consider whether or not there are important enough differences between the major parties to warrant preferencing one above the other and resist any temptation to "just vote 1". The choice between the two major parties can still be avery importatn choice to make.

In order to help you make that choice, we will attempt to give whatever credit is due to the major parties as well as to be harshly critical of them both.


As I find out useful information about candidates standing in the different electorates I will add them to this list. Of course, I will be focusing most on my own electorate of . The list of electorates so far covered on this site is:

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by electorate, Mount Coot-tha .

-231813">"Queenslanders have correctly chosen the lesser of two evils" in forum discussion "My election night" of 22 Mar 09 on John Quiggin's blog.

Save the Mary River Brisbane Group:

to candidates in .

Spring Hill Voice

Honest Dave Zwolenski

What was achieved by my election campaign?

The recently concluded Queensland election campaign was massively rigged against independent candidates like myself and the Greens. Not entirely unexpectedly, my was low.

My vote was

162 votes or 0.65% of the 25,092 formal votes cast as of Sunday 29 March. Such a vote was not to be entirely unexpected in the circumstances, given that I had been given almost no media exposure. Consequently few voters would have known anything about me.

At the held on the Monday before the elections, a member of the audience told me that he considered none of the candidates that had spoken that night, myself included worthy of his vote.

I would certainly have been interested to know how he felt I failed to satisfy his criteria, but never got the chance to find out. If there was nothing I could have done, then I would have liked to have asked him, why he didn't stand himself.

Media release: Lawrence Springborg out of step with the public on privatisation

During an interview on Brisbane ABC local radio's Madonna King show, today, Lawrence Springborg told listeners that he has 'no objection' to the further sell-off of publicly-owned assets.

However, independent candidate for Mount Coot-tha James Sinnamon, pointed out that only the day before, Mr Springborg's Liberal National Party had rightly taken Premier Anna Bligh to task for misleading electricity consumers by promising that no electricity consumer would be worse off as a consequence of the privatisation of Energex.

Instead, as one ABC listener had complained yesterday, he had suffered an annual hike of $450 since privatisation.

"In fact, by having, himself, voted to support the Labor's privatisation of Energex and Ergon, Mr Springborg helped make the skyrocketing of electricity and gas charges inevitable," said Mr Sinnamon.

"The sell-off of Energex, and virtually all other privatisations in recent years, have been disasters for the public interest, and there is no reason to expect that any future privatisations under a Springborg LNP government will be any better," the candidate continued.

"Mr Springborg's views on privatisation are clearly out of step with the public. As examples, in 2005, 70% of the public opposed the Howard Government's Telstra full privatisation legislation and in 2008 opposition to the NSW government's plans to privatise electricity was as high as 85%.

Independent candidate responds to water policy Questionnaire

Originally published 8 Mar 09. Updated 17 Mar 09

Update: 17 Mar 09: Response from Mount Coot-tha candidates .

Briefly: Candidates in favour of damming the Mary River and driving the lungfish to extinction: Andrew Fraser
Candidates against damming the Mary River and driving lungfish to extinction: James Sinnamon, Larissa Waters, John Pollard./p>

On Sunday 8 March 2009, I received the following e-mail from David White on behalf of the Save The Mary River Brisbane Group.

We're requesting all candidates for the State election to indicate their response to just 7 questions and to return the completed document by reply email to the address shown above, or by mail to P O Box 1092 , Toombul 4012 by 15 March, 2009. Just place an X in the box that corresponds to your reply.

The responses to the survey will be distributed to voters on and before election day.

If we do not receive a response to our survey, we'll inform voters of this fact.

Moreton Bay fishing Green Zones

This is a response to a comment of mine While I agree we need to protect the environment to ensure our childrens' children will also benefit from it - the implementation of the new zones has to be questioned. I am reliably informed by a member of the public (and holder of a Bachelor of environmental science) who was present during many of the meetings regarding the new Green Zones before they were implemented by the Govt, the report the government has relied upon to implement these zones was based on a thesis prepared by a govt employee - and no-one is able to get a full copy of the thesis or the results - so no-one know how scientific it is and it's certainly not independent. Some of the new green zones are in areas that will have no effect on fish numbers because they're in areas that fish to not breed or eat. The govt introduced a buy-back scheme allowing commercial fishermen to sell their licences to the govt - great in theory - however, there's a loop hole. Commercial fishermen can sell their licence and get for eg $500,000 for it and then turn around and buy another licence that has been handed back for eg $100,000 - the fishermen pocket the difference and return back to the bay to catch the same large quantity they previously were - effectively the larger commercial fishermen are buying out the smaller ones and there's no decrease to the numbers of fish being caught. That needs to be fixed.

Heather Steinberg - Independent for Redlands

I'm running as an Independent Candidate for Redlands - why? Because I'm sick of government inaction regarding child safety and protection. I am tired of government forcing ridiculous restrictions on recreational fishermen while commercial fishermen and cargo ships cause more damage. I am offended that the government can discriminate against children born after 30 June by prohibiting them from attending Prep. Most Independents run in the election because, like myself, we're tired of party politics and government inaction and run because we hope we can make a change and give the voice back to the people. As we all know the parties are not interested in what we want or need, all they want is to line their pockets. What do I stand for:
  1. Tougher penalties for repeat offenders.
  2. Non release from jail for repeat sex offenders.
  3. Mandatory counselling and other service for first time sex offenders.
  4. Changes to the Green Zones (for those who don't know the report Labor relied upon to implement the new zones was done by an employee from the EPA - and no-one is allowed access to her full thesis).
  5. Changes to the Prep system by removing the cut off date so all children turning 5 can attend Prep that year.
  6. Reduction in govt advertising - the govt wastes millions of dollars per govt dept/commission in television advertising alone - wouldn't that be better spent on health, education and other services.

Jenny Fitzgibbon, Greens candidate for Glass House

Standing for Green Jobs, renewable energy technologies, preventative health, sustainable livelihood and culture. Check out the Queensland Greens Green Jobs, Energy and Sustainable Water Policies .

When YOU choose to vote Greens 1 (and then make your informed choice between the other two parties) you get.

  • to send a message to the old parties - make your policies lean
    toward Social equity, financial justice and show real leadership on
    Climate Change NOW
  • The knowledge that you are sustaining Glass House into your childrens future.
  • A strong, passionate, caring voice with no attachment to
    lobbyists or those interested in private gain at the expense of the
    public good.

In Glass House I am committed to

"Meet the candidate" night - Mt Coot-tha electorate

" id="Brisbane">Brisbane



Monday Night, 16th March 2009 6.30PM till 8.30PM-ish

Brisbane Workers' Community Centre - Paddington
Rear Cnr Given Tce & 2 Latrobe Terrace Just in along Given Tce at the Lights
(Centre Entrance off Car Park just around Cnr in Given Tce - with Simpatico Bar Bistro on the Car Park Cnr)

Arrive from 6PM for chatting times and business networking Formal Candidate Statements begin 6.45PM 10 Minutes per Candidate Followed by question time to all Candidates

$5.00 .. Incls Nibble foods The Centre's bar will be open

Come along to hear from your local Mt Coot-tha State Electorate Candidates

Cate Molloy corrects Noosa hospital

Media release: 7 March 2009

The Candidate for Independent Noosa today dismissed the critical comments made about her by Noosa Hospital community Spokesperson Mr Rusty Fraser (The (Sunshine Coast) Daily 7/3/09) and argued that his comments were not only misleading but also mischievous in themselves.

"With all due respect to Noosa Hospital Community Board Spokesman, Mr Rusty Fraser, my criticism of LNP Member, Glen Elmes still stands," said Cate Molloy.

"I may have been late to the hospital's meet and brief the candidates session due to unavoidable circumstances, but in no way does this invalidate my view of Mr Elmes' ineffectiveness as the Member for Noosa," she said.

"As a long term political figure in the Noosa community, I am well aware of the challenges facing the hospital and was presented with the Hospital's Annual Report (containing all the issues) on arrival, said Ms Molloy.

"What Mr Fraser neglected to inform the Daily, was that unlike Mr Elmes who left early, I attended the tour of the hospital which was far more important in my mind in understanding the issues. So in this respect, it is Mr Fraser who is being mischievous," said Cate Molloy.

"Might I also remind Mr Fraser, it has not been my responsibility in the last two and a half years to make representation and achieve Government funding for the Hospital. As Member for Noosa, it has been precisely Mr responsibility," Cate Molloy said