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"Billionaires for Privatisation" to star in tomorrow's West End rally and march

The newly formed "Billionaires for Privatisation", featuring luminaries from recently bailed-out banks through to coal company fat cats will walk arm-in-arm with "Anna Blight" tomorrow morning at an anti-privatisation rally in West End.

"We will be there to thank the Bligh-er for letting us get our hands on Queensland's public assets," spokesperson Phil T Rich explained. "While these assets might currently bring in hundreds of millions every year for public use on trivial things like schools and hospitals, by privatising the assets that revenue can go straight to people like me for important things like my fifth yacht!"

"And we want to thank Bligh for ignoring the fact that we had to be bailed out recently and still appointing us advisors to the sale" Col Usion from the Royal Bank of Scotland chuckled. "Yep, we can hardly believe that after failing so badly, we will get a 200million dollar 'advisory fee' from the Bligh Government," S Windler from Merrill Lynch, also recently bailed out with public money, chortled.

The Coal Industries Paul Ooter added gleefully "we can scarcely believe that now, not only can we own all the coal in this state, we can also control all the coal infrastructure too! We had been worried that with the global warming hoo-ha we might be slowed down by a push to renewable energy - but now we can buy up everything, that will never happen!"

Receiving the plaudits, Anna Blight grinned "well, we were never really going to listen to the 90% opposed to privatisation were we?" Blight explained that some of her best friends are 'connected' to the Billionaires alliance. It is rumoured that even Gordon Nuttall may make a special guest appearance. Nothing has been confirmed, but large paper bags with dollar signs have been spotted in the vicinity of Bligh's Vulture Street office.

Billionaires for Privatisation will carry placards declaring "profits not the public good!"; "forget jobs and services, remember the bottom line"; "Ports, rails, forests and motorways - a good start, keep it coming Anna!"

The rally will commence at the Lizard statue in Boundary street, hearing from speakers representing the tiny 90% who oppose Bligh's sell off plan. Speakers will include Scott Wilson from the Electrical Trades Union and Dave Matters from the Rail Bus and Trams Union, both of whose members are in the firing line; Ray Ferguson from the Pensioners League; and Libby Connors from The Greens.

The rally will march to Anna Bligh's office in Vulture street, where an auction of Vulture Street and West End will occur. "Why stop now?" Blight chuckled.

Time/Date: 11am Sat Aug 15, Meet @ Lizard Statue, Boundary St, West End
March to Bligh's Office (90 Vulture St).

Original article by Paul Benedek published on also: Stop Thief! Rally on 15 August to stop theft of Queensland's public assets.

The rally is organised by the Save Our Public Assets (SOPA) campaign group. For more information and comments contact:

Paul Benedek on 0410 629 088
Mark Gillespie on 3891 5385