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Joe Toscano - Your local anarchist on podcast; antidote to the Jon Faine & Madonna Kings of the airwaves

This week - 25 August 2009 - it's about creating a citizens bank. Joe points out that Australians demanded a peoples' bank in 1909 (after the 1890 depression) and got it. Unfortunately they made it the property of the government, and the Hawk Government sold it off.

"Next time", says Joe, "It needs to be made to belong to us, not the government." Then they won't be able to sell it off without a referendum.

You learn a lot about politics, rights and institutions from Joe. Also about how to conduct demonstrations. And about how we need to be active and let the government know we are out there.

Joe is also wise to big business and unsustainable population growth.

Listen to Joe Toscano here. From anywhere in the world.

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Have people seen this?

The link is to a booklet put out by the Vic Govt about "transforming Australian cities"- to pack 'em in of course.
I have been waking up in a panic about it since seeing that they want to have more than twice the number of people living in Stonington. (my area) -after doing a "capacity audit".
It's terrible to think we pay these people for these atrocities.