Save Queensland local government!

An entirely unsubstantiated slew of Local Government amalgamations have just been announced by the Queensland Beattie Labour Government. The ruling majority in our
State Parliament intend to enact these changes without any effective consultation or transparent evaluation.

This has occurred after:

  • Abandonment of a formal, transparent, criteria based evaluation process regarding the need and options for amalgamation.
  • Initiation of an undisclosed and unaccountable process to determine and decree the 'necessary' changes.
  • Process discharged by a select panel of commissioners with very direct links to the Urban development industry.
  • Summary annulment of a section of the Local Govt. Act requiring public referendum upon any proposed Local Government amalgamation.

These changes are not based in fact or need. They are part of a disturbing and rapidly accelerating process of disempowering local communities from being an effective part of the planing process.

Please help to save the rights of local residents to have a say in their council and their local future.

Please respond to : commonsense |AT| to register your interest in being a part of a campaign enacted over the short term to preserve the integrity of local Government.
Our capacity to decide upon our own local future depends upon it.

Musing on the Monarchy

A small public garden at Healesville in Victoria has a plaque stating that the garden was planted in 1953 in commemoration of the coronation of Queen Victoria II. She was crowned in 1952, almost 65 years ago. For such a long time has she reigned; few regents could boast 65 years in office. And it is over us, Australians, that she reigns; quietly, discretely, non-politically - in the background.