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Review of ABC 7.30 Report on Australia's steeply rising population (October 13th 09)

In the ABC 7.30 Report of October 13th, which dealt with the absolutely critical matter of Australia's rapid population growth, Channel 2 viewers were served up with the usual homogenised glop of current journalism. Opinions were sought rather than facts and impacts researched and reported. Vested interests were glossed over in the promotion of questionable 'authorities'. Noticeably absent was the one Australian politician who has shown leadership and coherence on this subject - Kelvin Thomson. We can only suspect that the program was yet another countering of his views without allowing him a right of reply.

"Australia's population steeply rising"

This is a review of ABC televisions 7.30 report segment 13 October 2009 on Australia's population dynamics.

Shambolic treament of crucial topic

It's amazing that such a serious topic as the deliberate inflation of Australia's population through high immigration can be treated in such a shambolic way as it was by ABC's channel 2 last night.

Bert Denis - president of the Australian Population Institute was wheeled out to spout the plusses of a growing population- very good for business that's for sure! His business that is.

Bert is Chairman of the Denis Home Construction Corporation - a finance, factory and land-bank rolled up in one.
Was one meant to get the impression that what is good for Bert Denis is good for the country? And then, not to worry about his vested interest, but treat his opinion (that we should power-away at growing the population ) as more worthy of consideration than our own perceptions.

Pro-high-immigration former democrat senator, Andrew Bartlett, went the conventional economics route in advocating high population growth and immigration.

Lord knows what Bob Carr actually said in addition to what was reported, but his voice and opinion about the need for prudence, care and consideration of the environment was drowned out by platitudes and clichés from the likes of Wayne Swan (Federal Treasurer).

Ken Henry (Treasury Secretary) sounded some sort of warning re the "challenges" of massive population growth with regard to economic and social infrastructure, but most cautionary comments got overwhelmed and drowned out by enthusiastic growthism.

Where was Kelvin Thomson?

Why did the ABC not ask an environmentalist some hard questions and then deal with the hard answers ?
Where was the only coherent politician on this matter - Kelvin Thomson? His absence was a glaring omission.

Whatever journalism

Instead Channel 2 viewers were served up with the usual homogenised glop of current journalism: "We'll ask this one and that one what they think (rather than actually examine the facts and impact of population growth), put it all together with a palatable "balance", glossing over the vested interests of those we promote as 'authorities', and there's your show or whatever."


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