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Wayne Swan

Swan’s growth fetish belies the LibLab's stale 20th Century baby-boomer ideology

Today Treasurer Wayne Swan has tried to justify another rise in interest rates by claiming in true 'polly-speak' that such an impost is a sign of a stronger Australian economy. Swan’s growth fetish belies the Lib/Labs stale ideology. Last month Swan's fettish for strong economic growth and strong population growth for Australia was reaffirmed at the Population Summit in Brisbane held 30th March 2010.

But Swan's growth fetish and consequential rising costs of living do not augur well for most Australians with mortgages.

Review of ABC 7.30 Report on Australia's steeply rising population (October 13th 09)

In the ABC 7.30 Report of October 13th, which dealt with the absolutely critical matter of Australia's rapid population growth, Channel 2 viewers were served up with the usual homogenised glop of current journalism. Opinions were sought rather than facts and impacts researched and reported. Vested interests were glossed over in the promotion of questionable 'authorities'. Noticeably absent was the one Australian politician who has shown leadership and coherence on this subject - Kelvin Thomson. We can only suspect that the program was yet another countering of his views without allowing him a right of reply.

"Australia's population steeply rising"

This is a review of ABC televisions 7.30 report segment 13 October 2009 on Australia's population dynamics.

Sustainable growth is pure fiction

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Treasurer Wayne Swan claims to be resigned to an Australian population of “over 36 million” people by the year 2050! This is an understatement. According to our present growth rate, we will have doubled today's population of nearly 22 million by 2046. The treasurer is being evasive or lacks arithmetical skills. We will be facing more than 44 million by 2046, and the numbers will keep escalating - because our government policies are designed to drive population growth upwards. And why should our lifestyles and our suburbs be a resource for developers and a growth phenomenon that is contrary to our interests?

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