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Preston Beach Kangaroo Cull

Once again the Preston Beach Golf Club near Mandurah, Western Australia is undergoing a kangaroo cull. In 2007 the Shire of Waroona was granted permission to shoot 50 western grey kangaroos on this two-bit golf course and now the DEC is allowing them to kill 100. Officially the cull started on the 1st of May and the shire has until the 16th to obtain their quota.

This bargain basement 9 hole golf course is situated on sand dunes and strategically located next to Yalgorup National Park. It appears the voluntary green fees are not sufficient to raise enough cash to dig a few bunkers let alone erect a fence to try and prevent kangaroos from entering the course. I would suggest this is not the desired outcome for those managing the course anyway as kangaroos are used as a drawcard when advertising the area.

Complaints regarding the kangaroos include aggressive behaviour, ripping up grass and tick infestations. I toured the course over the weekend and experienced none of this. What I did notice was a distinct lack of golfers using the course. On a beautiful Saturday morning there was not a soul in sight except for the author searching for a roo he could pick a fight with. I could not get within 15 – 20 metres of a single individual. There were several kangaroos on a few holes, I counted 18 on a single fairway next to the National Park. The vegetation on this fairway was exactly what you would expect from an attempt to plant grass on sand dunes infested with rabbits. The most visible signs of kangaroos were several hip holes located in various areas that appeared to compensate for the distinct lack of man made fairway hazards.

Protest on Wednesday the 5th of May at 4pm

A professional kangaroo shooter has been called in to shoot 100 kangaroos that will then be turned into pet food. Anyone opposed to this barbaric cull is invited to meet at Preston Beach on Wednesday, the 5th of May at 4pm. Meet at the totem poles located at the town’s entrance. The protest is being organised by Trish Brown, a local resident.

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Thanks Scott for highlighting yet another example of an Australian state or federal government acting contrary to wildlife conservation principles.

We are living through a dark period in wildlife conservation. Governments in Australia have all but abandonned wildlife conservation leaving the cause to private individuals and organisations. Government funding and resources are being removed, conservation objectives are being diluted, environmental legislation is being unravelled.

In NSW, the Keneally government is seeking make its National Parks open to commercial tourism development and is diluting the conservation objectives of the NPWS to being a tourist revenue agency.

It is neo-colonialism, likened to when Australian early colonists treated native wildlife and native people as vermin.

When the law makers of the land are corrupt in the values of the land, to where does the people turn to save the natural world from destruction and killing?

Tiger Quoll
Snowy River 3885

Why are they wanting to kill wildlife when the golf course is located next to Yalgorup National Park? These idiots want the benefits of a bush setting without the wildlife that are all part of the ecosystem. It is just like the issue in Pantom Hills in Victoria where most of the residents live near a wildlife area and live in harmony with kangaroos. One farmer was given a permit by the DSE to kill a mob of 8 because they were accused of causing erosion to the soil. The real problem was overstocked paddocks with livestock, but it was much easier to blame the kangaroos! Colonial attitudes of cut -down, kill, eradicate and burn still exist today. Fortunately the residents successfully protested.

Are all golfers anti-wildlife? What's wrong with them? In West Australia kangaroo numbers are declining rapidly:

CALL To End Kangaroo Open Season 9.10.09 by Sarah Quinton in The West news:

" Department of Environment and Conservation Officer PETER MAWSON said kangaroo numbers in the Pilbara were at the lowest levels since 1981, but more because of drought than over -culling.

Karratha Pet Meats and licensed shooter Darryn Cutting said only three of nine shooters remained in the Pilbara and1$million of processing equipment sat idle because there were not enough wild kangaroo to sustain the

Also Mr Cutting said animals were not being killed with a single bullet to the brain but suffered prolonged deaths while their joeys were left to starve. He said the State government did not control what essentially an 'open season', the kangaroo population would continue to decline. Information about kangaroo cruelty should be referred to the DEC."

It appears 76 kangaroos were shot on Wednesday night. Reports are that several were actually shot within the "sanctuary" of Yalgorup National Park. On Thursday I went down to Preston Beach myself and found several pools of blood (and bone) that were at least 50 metres away from the fairways the roo shooters were supposed to limit their shooting to. Early morning walkers in Preston Beach have reported amongst other things, a decapitated young female and pools of blood on footpaths. A joey-at-foot was found in nearby bushland that morning with broken bones and had to be euthanised.

This cull has attracted some media attention and it seems the shooting has ceased. The Shire of Waroona has stated that no more kangaroo killing is to take place, maybe they don't like media choppers flying over the little tourist town of Preston Beach. It would appear that the efforts of Trish Brown and everyone else involved in the protest may have saved 24 kangaroos and their joeys.

To the Waroona city council and members of the Preston Beach Golf Club,

I would like to know who authorised the illegal shooting of kangaroos in the national park adjacent to Preston Beach Golf Club. Shame on you for killing innocent animals, part of the Australian Emblem.

People who take pleasure in slaughtering animals are the same people who enjoy inflicting torture and pain on human beings, as well documented in research on human behaviour.

Those shooters, what is being their motivation when slaughtering and maiming innocent animals but a perversion similar to the one experienced during rape, violence and crime? The damage and violence of the human race is a disgrace, as is the hatred of our national native animals. Why was the golf club next to a National Park when they want the benefits of the Australian bush but not the animals? Why can't people live in harmony with our indigenous animals who have managed to live in harmony with our land for thousands, if not millions, of years?

Animals should be protected in National Parks. Dead and injured animals were left, and carers are devastated at the cruelty and brutality. Why are they hated?

"The next day residents woke to find pools of blood and scores of injured kangaroos and joeys in the national park. A local resident found a decapitated joey laying on the ground and pools of blood and tyre tracks on the walking path in the national park. Gina who has lived with and cared for these kangaroos for years ran out of her house when she heard the shooting and pleaded with the shooters to stop, but they continued to shoot in front of her. She found a joey whose leg had been shattered, possibly from a gun shot. Its mother was dead. There were reports of kangaroos with leg and body wounds and ears and faces shot off”, said Ms Nikki Sutterby, Co-ordinator, Australian Society for Kangaroos.

This bloody massacre is a disgrace and must be investigated!

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